Two Brother’s Painting Fall Coloring Contest

Win This Coloring Contest, for Free painting services at your home!

To kick off the fall holiday painting season this year, Two Brother’s Painting wants to feature the coloring skills of all the children in our lives!

Adults can even enter the 18+ years age group if you want to compete for a painter for a day!

Here’s How Two Brother’s Painting’s Fall Coloring Contest Works!

Step#1: Download Image. Color the page that accompanies this letter to the best of your ability. (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Step #2: Write your contact information on the coloring page

Step #3: Scan or Take a Picture of The Coloring Page


Our Coloring Contest Age Groups Are:

#1) 0 to 5 years #2) 6 to 10 years #3) 11 to 17 years #4) Adult 18 and Older

Win A PAINTER FOR A DAY In Each Age Group for:

#1 Best Coloring Job and #2 Random Drawing of All Entrants!

Contest Deadline 12/15/20 – Submitted Drawings May Be Posted on Social Media

Will You Need Painting Before the Holidays?

Our schedule fills up as we head into Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s. If you have a painting project you’ve been putting off, call us today!

Our exterior painting calendar is booking for spring 2021. Now is a great time to beat the crowds and get in line early!

Call 401-724-6874 or email and we’ll schedule your professional, accurate estimate today!

Dan Woodford – Owner, Two Brother’s Painting