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The outside of your house can have a big impact on your property value overall. If you have a home with chipped paint and damaged wood, it’s time to look into exterior house painting in Rhode Island. The exterior of your home develops these kinds of flaws and damage due to outdoor temperature changes. Rain and snow, as well as high humidity levels, can also result in wood damage that needs to be repaired. 

 Before you can repaint your home’s exterior, you’ll need to have damaged wood repaired or replaced. Painting over damaged wood won’t improve your home’s appearance, and the damage will just get worse over time. Taking the time to fix up damaged wood first helps ensure that you’ll have exterior paint that boosts your home’s appearance. 

 Preparing Wood Exteriors for Painting

The steps you need to take to prepare your home’s exterior for painting depends on the type of damage you have. You can fill in small cracks with caulk and use wood hardener to fill in areas that have been affected by wood rot. More severe damage, such as warped boards or serious rot, means you’ll need to replace the affected wood entirely. 

 Preventing Exterior Damage

Cleaning the exterior of your home annually helps keep the paint from wearing away, which helps protect wood surfaces from damage. Touching up areas of paint that are faded or worn is another way to reduce the risk of wood damage. If you haven’t had your home painted in several years, you should consider having professional exterior house painting done. This provides your home with a fresh coat of paint to improve its appearance while also protecting the exterior from wood rot and other kinds of damage. 

 If you need exterior house painting done for your home in Newport, Providence, Warwick or another part of Rhode Island, please contact us. We offer superior exterior house painting services in many areas throughout the state, including Wakefield, East Greenwich and Coventry.

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