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Three Tips to Help You Choose the Right Interior Paint Colors

If it’s time to give your home interior a makeover, you’ve probably started considering what types of paint colors to use in your renovation. Rhode Island homeowners often make interior paint selections based on nature — after all, the state is renowned for an abundance of natural beauty. Following are three more tips to provide you with inspiration if a residential painting project is in your near future.

Think Beyond Your Favorite Colors

Many homeowners simply choose their interior wall colors from a list of their favorite colors, but this isn’t always the right approach. Most homeowners already use a fair amount of their favorite colors in their decor schemes, and if you decide to paint your walls the same color, you run the risk of an overdone effect.

Use a Color Wheel

Professional interior decorators use a concept called color theory to create that pulled-together look they provide. Using a color wheel can help you get the same effect when developing an overall color scheme. Just playing around with one for an hour or so generates creativity and helps you come up with color schemes you haven’t otherwise thought of.

Consider Layering Neutral Tones

Many homeowners think of neutral paint colors as boring, but layering neutrals adds a level of depth and richness you may not be able to achieve using colors from other spectrums. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit with colors outside the neutral range. For instance, a pastel lavender ceiling provides an elegant finishing touch to a living room with light gray walls, darker gray on the doors and trim.

Get Paint Ideas From Your Artwork

If you’re like most homeowners, your basic home decor items change on a fairly regular basis, but the artwork you hang on your walls remains the same — after all, art usually represents a major investment. Your artwork provides an excellent source of inspiration for interior paint colors.

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