Tips and Tricks for Painting the Exterior of a Home

Long Lasting Exterior Paint Job

When it comes to preserving the quality of the exterior of a home, regular paint is one of the most important keys. There are some notable differences when it comes to painting outside versus inside. In addition to the elements, people might also have to paint from great heights. These add new challenges to the job. With this in mind, there are a few techniques that people need to use when it comes to painting the exterior of a house.

Wash the Exterior First

One of the first tasks people need to accomplish is the washing of the exterior. The reality is that mildew is going to thrive underneath a coat of fresh paint. Furthermore, the paint won’t be able to adhere to a wall that is covered in dirt and grime. Therefore, it is critical to wash the exterior of a home before painting it. This can be done using a mixture of water and cleaner that is free from phosphates. It is also to wash the exterior with a sponge; however, this is incredibly time-consuming and most people balk at this idea.

Scrape Off the Loose Paint

Once the exterior of the home is dry, it is time to remove any paint that might be flaking. A simple handheld scraper is going to be the best tool for this job. It is possible to also use a hot-air gun or a paint stripper that is power by infrared. Some people might say to use a torch; however, this is illegal in many areas and is highly unsafe.
While removing the loose paint, be sure to wear a mask along with a Tyvek suit. Spray water on the paint as the task unfolds and be sure to collect the paint as it is stripped.

Trust the Professionals to Finish the Job

During the painting process, it is important to fill and repair any gaps. Then, the primer has to be added, the joints need to be caulked, and it is important to choose the right paint. The reality is that this is a lot for anyone who doesn’t have experience in the industry. This is why it is important to trust the professionals for an exterior house painting job in Rhode Island. That is where we can help. If you have a paint job with which you need help, give us a call today!

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