4 Small Paint Projects That Will Give Your Home a Facelift

Give Your Home a Facelift

If you’re like many homeowners, your home environment has become familiar to the extent that you may not be noticing those aspects that could use some freshening up. You’re probably also busy with employment and family obligations that don’t leave much extra time for home improvement tasks. However, small painting projects provide an easy way to provide your home interior with an upgrade, and they usually only take a few hours during the weekend or on a weekday evening. Following are just four ways you can use paint to give your home the mini-facelift it needs.

Paint the Trim

Freshly painted trim around doorways and windowsills provide an aesthetic for any room. Using complementary or contrasting colors creates more visual appeal than just painting them the same shade as the walls. Be sure to choose a paint color for the trim that’s represented in your overall decor scheme. For instance, if you’ve got blue ceramics on a shelf or table or a blue rug, consider painting the trim blue to bring balance to the picture.

Paint the Hallway

If your home features a narrow hallway leading toward the bedrooms, chances are it’s the most neglected space in the house — particularly if you’ve got young, active children in the home. Kids love to leave grubby fingerprints on walls, and because these are far less noticeable than walls in other parts of the home, they may not get removed as quickly.

Paint the Foyer

Foyers aren’t just for providing a pleasant first impression for visitors to your home — they should also give household residents a warm welcome after a long day at work or school. Consider dressing yours up in warm, happy colors with the help of a little paint.

Paint the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another area of the average household that could use a fresh coat of paint. Consider doing something different from simply repainting standard white walls, such as light blue walls with seafood green trim. Use your imagine to come up with something different but appealing.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more suggestions on improving your home with paint.

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