Commercial Painting vs. Residential Painting

Types of Paint Professionals

Not all paint jobs are created equal. While residential and commercial painting share similarities, they differ in many ways. It’s important to take note of these differences when choosing a painting contractor in Rhode Island.

Preparation and Training

Residential and commercial paint jobs often require different equipment, tools, and training. Commercial paint projects tend to be larger in scope and require extra focus on safety protocols. A contractor working on a multi-story office building may need to wear a harness and stand on a raised platform. They may also use heavy-duty machinery and pulley systems to transport containers of paint and coatings. This requires commercial paint contractors to be proficient in the operation of various machines and the use of personal protective equipment.

Special Coatings and Sealants

Commercial paint projects often demand the use of heavy-duty coatings and sealants. Residential paint jobs are usually more lenient on this front. The variety of mixtures used in commercial painting requires contractors to use a variety of brushes, rollers, and other application tools. They must also consider how these coatings affect different surfaces such as steel, brick, stone, concrete, etc. Temperature and humidity also affect how the contractor prepares the surface for painting.

Cost and Scheduling

Large commercial paint jobs need to be scheduled earlier than residential ones. The contractor needs time to survey the site, gather the needed materials, and assemble personnel. Some contractors work on an as-needed basis, while others provide recurring services. For example, a property manager may hire a contractor to repaint railings on an annual or semi-annual basis. In general, commercial paint jobs require more materials and labor and therefore cost more than residential projects.

 Hire a Contractor You Can Trust

No matter which type of painting you need, it’s vital to choose a licensed contractor that understands your needs. Exceptional contractors will take care to minimize paint splatter and avoid affecting the surrounding area. Some will work flexible hours to avoid disrupting your home life or business operations. Make sure to ask questions and get a quote before scheduling your residential or commercial paint project.

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