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Let’s be honest, painting is never easy. First, there’s all the cleaning and prep work. Then it’s time to lay down a tarp to protect the floor, drag in the ladder and other tools and tape off the trim. Don’t forget to remove those outlet and light-switch covers. Finally, it’s time to paint. Painting is a labor-intensive job, but it’s also a satisfying one; in a matter of hours you can completely transform a room with a fresh coat of color. That’s why many homeowners prefer to take on small jobs, like painting a hallway, themselves.

The absolute easiest way to paint a hallway is to call the professionals at Two Brothers Painting for a free consultation. But if you’re feeling ambitious and enjoy a DIY project our tips will help make the job easier and will help you get the best results.

Top Tips for Painting a Hallway:

  • Choose a lighter color of paint than in the surrounding rooms to give an illusion of more space
  • Paint the wall at the end of the hall a slightly darker accent color to create the illusion of a shorter hallway
  • Paint trim and doors with a satin or glossy finish. A shinier finish will reflect more light and provide more durability for those well-used bedroom and bathroom doorways
  • Don’t skip the cleaning. Even a hallway collects dust and oily fingerprints. Painting will be much easier on walls that are properly cleaned and prepped
  • Make safety the first priority. It may be tempting to over-extend your reach in a small space, but follow the same safety protocols that you would if you were painting a large room. There’s nothing easy about falling off a ladder

If the easy way still sounds hard, call your neighbors at Two Brothers Painting. We’re proud to provide the Rhode Island community with professional painting services for residential and commercial clients.

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