Top 4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holiday Season in Rhode Island

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The holiday season is fast approaching this year, which means it’s time to start thinking about gatherings, parties, and decorations. You might be considering upgrading your decor to get your home in the holiday spirit, or you may want to liven up your space before you host your extended family for a get-together. Hiring a painting contractor for an interior painting project is one of the best ways to do this. Painting is fairly easy and straightforward compared to other home renovation projects, and you can always change the paint color after the holiday season if it feels outdated in the new year.

Your options for painting before the holidays are practically limitless, but there are some specific painting projects that are especially well-suited to the holiday season. Here are four ideas for painting your North Kingstown RI home in preparation for the upcoming holidays:

Accent Walls

If you want to add some new color to your home, you don’t have to paint an entire room. While you may decide that you want to completely overhaul the space and apply a fresh coat of paint to every wall, a faster and more convenient option is for your inside house painters to paint an accent wall. This is a smaller and more manageable project than painting the whole room, but it will revitalize the space just as much.

Accent walls make your room eye-catching and visually interesting. They work especially well in living rooms and bedrooms, but you can add one to any space. Deep reds can create a festive but soothing atmosphere, and greens can bring out the holiday cheer. Any color that complements the other walls can make the space feel livelier, too.

Warm Colors

Winters in Rhode Island can be cold and gloomy. The days are short, and the chilly weather may keep you inside most of the time. To feel cozy and cheerful during the holiday season, you can paint your house with warm colors. Think about the colors of autumn leaves to get an idea of which shades make a house feel more inviting during the winter.

Warm colors can look great in your bedroom, guest room, or family room. When you or your guests come inside from the cold, settling down in a rich red or orange room can feel very comforting.

Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets has a similar effect to painting an accent wall. If you or your family spend a lot of time cooking or socializing in the kitchen during the holiday season, this may be your best option for a painting project.

A complementary paint color will draw your eyes immediately, and it’s a simple and easy way to redecorate your kitchen. Like with your accent wall, you could paint your kitchen cabinets with holiday colors, or you could choose a color that matches your kitchen walls.

Match Your Decorations

Some homeowners keep their holiday decor minimal, and others go all-out for the season. If you’re planning on decorating for the holidays, consider matching your interior paint to your decor. Think about the colors, shapes, and textures of your decorations, and ask your painting contractor about shades that match that aesthetic. Keeping your color palette consistent will make your home look professionally decorated, and it will be a hit with your guests.

Two Brothers Painting offers interior painting services for homeowners in and around North Kingstown RI. If you want to revitalize your home for the holidays, our inside house painters are happy to help. We are knowledgeable and experienced with a wide variety of painting projects, so we can give professional recommendations for colors or styles that will best suit your home. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, you can call Two Brothers Painting today.

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