How Often Does Cedar Siding Need to be Painted in Rhode Island?

Cedar House Painters

Cedar wood siding is an attractive durable material that can be found on homes throughout Jamestown RI. While it holds up well to the elements, it does require special care from time to time. Exterior home painting services are needed roughly every five to seven years to ensure that the natural wood material is properly protected. However, you may be able to go up to 10 years between exterior painting projects if the paint is applied properly. As you prepare to hire painters near me to work on your project, consider how these crucial factors can impact the results of your next exterior painting job.

Primer and Paint Supplies

If you search “painters near me” you may find that other painters try to cut corners and pad their profits through the use of cheap primer and paint supplies, this can impact the longevity of your results. Cedar is a naturally porous type of wood, so most of the paint will be absorbed by the wood. The thin layer of paint that remains on the exterior of the planks may be prone to weather-related damage. You can get more mileage out of exterior home painting services if a quality primer product is applied first. The right way to paint cedar slats is to remove them from the home first. This enables the primer and paint to be applied on all sides for optimized protection against the elements. Acrylic-latex paint should be used as the topcoat because of its overall durability.

Primer and Paint Application

Before the primer or paint is applied, older cedar siding must be properly prepared. This involves cleaning the planks to remove dirt and mold. Damaged boards may need to be replaced. For new cedar slats, the siding should be primed and painted within a few weeks of its installation for the best results. When applying both paint and primer, you must consider how the exterior painting team will apply the supplies. Applying the primer and paint by hand with a brush is the best option because it allows the paint to go on thicker. This allows the paint to penetrate deeper into the wood pores. However, using a sprayer can also be effective. Exterior painters who use a sprayer should also roll the paint to ensure optimized coverage.

The Impact of Weather Conditions on Cedar Slats

It is important to understand how UV rays and dry weather conditions can negatively affect the appearance and condition of cedar slats. These weather conditions will cause the cedar slats to become brittle and gray. Eventually, the slats may flake or crack, and they may need to be replaced prematurely if this happens. Low-quality paint supplies have minimal UV protection. Because acrylic-latex paint offers superior protection against these weather conditions, it is the best type of paint to use on cedar slat siding.

At Two Brothers Painting, we are a licensed and insured exterior painting company that has been serving the Jamestown RI area for more than 15 years. Our painters always use high-quality supplies and proper application techniques to ensure that our customers get the greatest enjoyment and longevity out of our services. Are you ready to explore paint color options and to learn about how affordable it can be to give your cedar siding the attention that it needs? Contact our team at Two Brothers Painting today to request a consultation for your next home painting project.

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