Whitewash vs. Limewash – What’s the Difference?

Whitewash vs Limewash

If you’re thinking about painting your property, you’re probably familiar with the terms limewash and whitewash. How do they differ, though? Which one ought you to pick for your house? Here, we’ll discuss the differences between limewash and whitewash as well as the advantages of each option. We’ll help you choose the ideal paint for your home!


A white clay or chalk base, water, and lime are used to create the paint known as “whitewash.” It has a chalky feel and a matte appearance. A painting method called “whitewashing” involves painting white on walls or other surfaces. Home painting services use this technique to brighten a room or give it a fresher look.

How to Whitewash

Ensure that the brick is clean before you begin painting. If not, the whitewash won’t stick correctly and will eventually flake off. A power washer, a stiff brush, and soapy water will clean the brick. Let the brick completely dry after washing it before beginning to paint.

You may either use a brush or a roller to whitewash the brick. Apply the whitewash to the brick’s surface with a brush after dipping it in the solution. To achieve equal covering, work in small sections and over the brick multiple times. When using a roller, pour some whitewash onto a tray and roll it onto the brick. Again, work in small areas and glide over the brick repeatedly.

After applying the whitewash, wait 24 hours for it to cure completely before adding another layer. You’re done when the second coat dries.

The Benefits of Using Whitewash

There are various reasons for you to consider whitewashing your house. The first benefit is that it may make a dim or dull environment brighter. Second, it may revitalize and modernize an outdated home. Thirdly, it’s a reasonably priced alternative compared to other painting methods. It is also easy to use and is long-lasting.


Water, lime, and pigment are used to create limewash, a form of paint. It has a matte finish and a creamy feel. Limewashing is a painting method in which a limewash is applied to walls or other surfaces to give brick or stone surfaces an aged appearance.

How to Limewash

Ensure that the brick is clean before you begin painting. If not, the limewash won’t stick correctly and will eventually peel off. Use a power washer or a stiff brush and some soapy water to clean the brick. After cleaning, allow the brick to thoroughly dry before beginning to paint.

Tape off surfaces like windows or trims to avoid painting over them. You may either use a brush or a roller to limewash the brick. Use a brush to apply the limewash to the brick’s surface. Work on small portions of the surface, going over the brick several times to achieve a uniform covering.

After applying the limewash, wait for 10 to 20 minutes before wiping it off with a dry cloth. Depending on your desired aesthetic, wipe off as much or as little of the limewash as you want.

Reasons for Using Limewash

There are several reasons why limewashing your house could be a good idea. First, it may give an ancient house a more aged and rustic appearance. It can also be taken off five days after application. Thirdly, it penetrates porous surfaces, preserving the brick’s original texture.

The Distinction Between Limewash and Whitewash

The primary distinction between limewash and whitewash is in the ingredients. Lime, water, and white chalk are used to make whitewash. Water, lime, and pigment are the ingredients in limewash. Both paints are durable and straightforward to maintain, with a matte finish.

The technique of painting is the other key distinction. Walls or other surfaces can be given a new look by applying whitewash. Apply limewash to give surfaces an aged appearance.

Whitewashing is a fantastic alternative to brightening a room or giving an aging house a new appearance. It is simple to complete on your own and reasonably priced. Limewashing is the best option to give anything an aged appearance.

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