Exterior House Painting Ideas

Exterior Painting Ideas Rhode Island

Whether you are trying to make your home look its best so you can sell it or you just want to make your house a better home, painting the exterior of your home should be one of your first steps. Some ideas are rather simple, while others may take a little extra work to complete. Either way, your home comes out looking beautiful and fresh and you get to reap the rewards.

Use an Accent Color that Matches Your Roof

Paint your shutters and trim the same color as your roof to bring all the colors together and keep things in balance. Choose a primary color that blends with your accent color. You don’t want the accent color to overpower the primary color, but you do want a bit of contrast.

Bright White!

If you have a home with strong lines and angles, use bright white for your trim and special features. Keep your primary color soft and use a strong accent color for your door and shutters. The bright white will define the angles and bring out the eye-catching features that make your home stand out.

Primary Colors

Use bold primary colors like brick red, golden yellow, or deep sky blue. These colors draw attention and will cause the unique form and shape of your home to be front and center. Use a complimenting accent color for your trim, shutter, and special features. With the right balance of color and contrast, your home will be a beautiful addition to the neighborhood.

Rhode Island residents who live in Coventry, Warwick, Newport, Wakefield, Providence, and East Greenwich can find a variety of exterior house painting ideas by looking online or simply calling a local contractor who specializes in house painting and exterior home repairs. Painting the exterior of your home is not a small task that you perform on a regular basis. Take the time to choose a color scheme and layout that will bring out the best in your home’s features.

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