How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

Exterior House Painting

If you want to start your full interior painting project, you have to map out your route to achieve the best results. Just picking rooms at random can potentially leave you feeling inconvenienced as the project goes on. Thankfully, you can work with your Rhode Island painting contractor to find the best route through your house in improving its interior paint scheme. Here’s a few tactics they will use in helping you paint your house.


Getting the bedrooms painted first helps your household quickly return to normalcy as you complete this important project. You can move everything out of the bedrooms, have them painted, and put it all back in a short span of time. From then, everyone has their own freshly-painted rooms as their personal sanctuaries throughout the rest of the project.

Shared Living Spaces

The shared living spaces come next, often starting with the kitchen. Quickly finishing the kitchen painting process allows you to have a place to easily prepare food and hang out while the rest of the house gets done. You can then return to your normal daily schedule without feeling inconvenienced along the way. The living room and dining area are often completed next for the same reason.

Everywhere Else

All the other areas of the house can come next in no particular order. If you have a preference, feel free to chime in and let your Rhode Island painting contractor know. They can then adjust their approach to suit your needs and ensure your household operates as it should.

Some general rules are always followed, however, in completing this process, such as:

  • Bathrooms are always completed one at a time and as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.
  • Hallways are completed similarly to avoid impacting the traffic flow through your home.
  • Laundry rooms can be completed last since they are not a high traffic room.

When you partner with a professional painting team in Rhode Island, you can trust that they will help you properly prioritize your rooms for the painting process. They will always keep the convenience of your household in mind when selecting the right order to paint the rooms in your house.

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