How to Remove or Cover Unwanted Graffiti

Graffiti Removal

When you spot graffiti on your property, cleaning it up likely lands at the top of your to-do list. Cleaning up the graffiti is often easier said than done, however, unless you know the right approach. Thankfully, you can follow your trusted Rhode Island painting crew’s approach to removing graffiti with ease. Here’s how to complete this important task.   

Check the Surface Type

Take a peek at the graffiti to note the materials you need to clean and the type of paint used. With that information, you can select the right paint removal products and tools for the job. If you are removing graffiti from metal, for example, you might need to pick up steel wood and paint thinner. Cement, however, might require a wire brush or power washer to remove the paint from the porous surface. So, always check the label on the paint removal products to see which ones to use on the surface at hand.

Test the Removal Products — and Remove the Graffiti

Before moving forward with the removal process, you should always test a hidden area with the solvent and paint removal tools. This will help ensure you do not cause damage as you try to remove the graffiti. Once you are sure the surface can handle your cleaning efforts, you can move forward in removing the graffiti. Always try to work as gently as possible to try to preserve the original finish ad avoid damaging the underlying materials.

If That Doesn’t Work, Consider Covering Up with Paint

If you cannot make any headway with your graffiti removal in Rhode Island, consider painting the surface instead. You will need to either commit to painting the entire area a new color or try to color match the surrounding surface. You can work with your trusted Rhode Island painting crew to find the best solution for your needs. They will assist with the restoration of the graffiti-covered surface, creating your ideal finish.

Whenever graffiti appears on your property, it pays to take the time to remove it the right way. Otherwise, you could leave the underlying surface damage or fail to fully remove the unsightly paint. Thankfully, you can breeze through this process with help from your Rhode Island painting crew. Give them a call today and schedule your estimate.

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