A Comparison of Cabinet Painting and Staining

Comparison of Cabinet Painting and Staining

For those who are looking to find the perfect cabinets in Rhode Island, one of the top questions people have to answer is whether or not they want to paint the cabinets or stain them. This can be challenging for those without experience to evaluate. Sometimes, people are still debating which option is right for them. For those who are wondering if their cabinets should be painted or stained, there are a few points to keep in mind.

The Advantages of Painted Cabinets

The first option to discuss is painting the cabinets. When someone decides to paint their cabinets, they are going to have a smooth, uniform appearance. There will not be any variations in the image they produce for the viewer. Paint adheres to the cabinet’s surface beautifully, meaning that only the color of the paint is going to stand out. This also means that paint is going to cover up the grain of the wood, which some people might prefer.

Paint works best on cabinets that have been made out of either wood or MDF (medium-density flatboard). Once the materials are painted, it will be challenging to distinguish between the two materials. Painted cabinets have a few notable differences when compared to stained cabinets.

Going with Stained Cabinets

The biggest difference between painting and staining when it comes to cabinets is that stain is far thinner than paint. This means that staining is not going to adhere to the cabinet’s surface as well. Instead, stain is going to be absorbed by the material itself. Stain can only be used o wood that is completely natural. In this case, the stain is going to showcase the grain of the wood along with other unique features of the cabinet’s materials. This means that those who want the grain of the wood to become apparent should consider going with stain. On the other hand, staining is not going to create as uniform an appearance when compared to paint.

Trust the Quality of Professional Paint Services in Rhode Island

Of course, many people also want to know the cost of painting and staining. The answer is that it depends on the job. If you would like to learn more about painting cabinets in Rhode Island, then give us a call today. We have access to some of the best materials on the market. We will leverage this to help you with your paint job!

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