Eliminating Mildew on Your Paint

Mildew Removal from Paint

The appearance of your walls directly relates to the appearance of the paint on your walls. When you have mildew on your paint, it leaves unsightly patches that draw the eye and distract from the overall impact of your home. Furthermore, it makes the walls look dirty due to the color of the mildew stains. By taking measures to eliminate mildew on your paint, you can improve the appearance of your home.

Find Out if It’s Mildew

A stain on your paint is not always mildew, so you want to verify that you have mildew on the walls or paint before you take measures to fix the problem. Use a dropper and fill it with bleach. Put a few drops of bleach directly on the area you think is mildew and wait. If the stain is removed, then you have a mildew stain and can take steps to remove the mildew. If the problem persists, then you want to reach out to a Rhode Island painting contractor to evaluate the stain and identify the problem. A professional contractor is able to identify whether it is mildew, mold, or other problems before fixing the underlying concern.

Mix Bleach and Water

Mix one part bleach to three parts water. Use the mixture to clean the mildew stains from your walls. Generally, you will want to wear gloves and use a soft cloth to gently wipe the mildew off your paint.

The downside of using bleach and water is that you may end up removing some types of paint from your walls. You can also stain leave behind unsightly stains from the mixture. If you are concerned about the potential stains or problems that may arise when using bleach on your walls, then reach out to a professional contractor to ensure that you are using a safe cleaning agent for your paint. 

Removing mildew from your walls in Rhode Island reduces the risk of severe stains and mold growth. The challenge is identifying when you have a mildew stain and when it is safe to clean the stain. To learn more about removing stains from your paint or to speak to a professional painting contractor, contact us today.

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