Why Is One Painting Contractor More Expensive than the Other in Rhode Island?

Types of Paint Professionals

It’s never easy finding a contractor. Sometimes, it seems like every painting contractor in Rhode Island bids different prices. Why are some of them so much more expensive than others?

Let’s take a quick dive into the reasons your Wakefield, Newport, and Providence, RI neighbors might be paying more (or less) than the bids you’re receiving.

1. Lower Prices

We’ll look at the lower pricing models first. In the paint industry, workers don’t have to obtain licenses or certifications like they would with plumbing or electrical work. As such, virtually anyone can call themselves a painter, and some companies take advantage of this free-for-all marketplace by paying workers under the table so they can avoid taxes and other wage-related regulations. These companies pay their workers less because they’re not paying taxes, which translates to lower bids for customers. Of course, this also means that you might get any Joe Schmoe off the street if you hire one of these businesses for your painting project. The inexperience will likely be apparent in the final product.

2. Middle-of-the-Road Prices

Companies that pay right in the middle usually have employees who are part of their payroll. As such, they have higher standards than the lowest-paying companies, and they typically carry insurance. Insurance is an important element when you’re considering a contractor! Unfortunately, many of the companies that fall into this spectrum are often booked because they’re run by a handful of people—if not a single individual with a few employees—and they can’t handle high-demand workflows.

3. Higher Prices

Now, let’s talk about the businesses that charge a premium. What makes them different from the competition?

Paid Employees. Because reputable firms hire workers as employees, they have to charge higher prices to offset the costs of taxes, benefits, and other overhead. In return for this price, you’ll receive service from people who are loyal to their companies and want to do the best job because their salaries depend on it.

Better Communication. Since employees rely on the livelihood of their companies’ successes, you should expect excellent communication and on-time arrivals when you hire a more expensive company.

Quality of Product. The end result is what really matters. When it comes to painting houses in Rhode Island, you really do get what you pay for. Don’t save a few dollars on the hope that it’ll be worth it in the long run. Instead, go with a company that can offer guaranteed satisfaction, outstanding service, and professionals who know how to get the job done right.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, reputable painting contractor in Rhode Island, we can’t wait to hear from you! Reach out to us today to schedule your initial consultation!

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