Hallway Painting Tips


The hallway in your home is an area that you spend a good amount of time in each day. You pass through your hallways when moving from room to room, as well as when you a refinishing up your day. By following a few simple rules, you can make your hallway an interesting and fun area of your home.

Use Colors to Create Illusions

Hallways are a complicated space because you have long and short walls. A simple way to improve the appearance of the space is by using colors to create an illusion in your space. Use light shades of color for the long walls in your hallways. Opt for a darker shade of the same color on the shorter walls. Finish off your look with the darkest shades on your ceiling. The impact of selecting different shades of a color is making your space appear larger. 

Create Visual Flow

In cases of a hallway that opens up to a living room or a larger space, you can opt for a color scheme that creates visual flow. Use the same color on your hallway walls as the color on the walls of the open space. That will make the hallway flow into the larger room for a positive impact. Alternatively, use light neutral shades to brighten up the area and flow into the larger space without using the exact same shade.

Go for a Creative Look

If you want to avoid boring neutral colors or if you prefer more creative spaces, then opt for bright shades of color that pop and stand out. Shades of yellow offer a bright and cheerful appearance. Reds and oranges offer a bold splash of color that stands out. You can also use shades of blue or grey to create a mellow, calming space. Creative looks focus on using an interesting color to set the foundation for your hallway space.

Making your hallways look amazing starts with selecting the right types of colors and paints. To learn more about painting your hallways in Rhode Island or for assistance with a new painting project, contact our painting contractor today.

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