Painting a Concrete Basement Floor

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Far too many Rhode Island homeowners lay wall-to-wall carpeting in their finished or semi-finished basements only to tear it up months later due to irrevocable water damage.

Let’s face it. As the lowest point of your home, your basement is extraordinarily susceptible to flooding. And carpet and flooding simply don’t mix.

Forget about soggy basement carpet and opt for a properly painted and finished concrete basement floor that is equally beautiful and incredibly durable.

At Two Brothers Painting, we can transform your basement into an exceptional place to work, relax, and entertain in just five steps.

Step 1 – Moisture Inspection

To ensure that your finished floor will look great for years to come, we begin by thoroughly inspecting your basement for signs of water damage and moisture issues. We will suggest a range of options to address any problems prior to painting/finishing.

Step 2 — Surface Evaluation

When it comes to painting, bumps and rough textures are the enemies of a job well done. Because precious few concrete basement floors are smooth enough to paint immediately, we will sand out any imperfections to produce the very best results every time.

Step 3 — Cleaning

Dirt, dust, and other bits of debris can also ruin a nice smooth paint finish. In order to deliver the smoothest final product possible, we will clean and clean again before we apply anything to your floor.

Step 4 — Primer and Stain Blocker Application

To protect your floor from scratches and nicks, we begin the application process with a special epoxy primer comprised of resin and a hardening agent, although it is optional, we also recommend adding a layer of stain blocker.

Step 5 — Paint Application

Finally, we apply latex paint in your choice of color. From ultra-matte flatness to a glass-like sheen, we can give your floor any finish you like!

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Serving satisfied Rhode Island customers with a range of custom painting services, Two Brothers Painting has produced beautiful and durable concrete basement floors throughout Wakefield, Newport, Providence, Coventry, Warwick, East Greenwhich, and other cities throughout the state. If you have questions about the many benefits of a professionally painted concrete floor, contact a skilled and knowledgeable representative today at (401) 519-9176.

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