Choosing the Right Color Scheme

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Making a change to your home’s interior with a new paint job is an opportunity to get creative and enjoy a fun project. By working with a Rhode Island paint contractor, you can ensure that your project looks as amazing as you imagined. The key is finding the right color scheme to match the style you want to bring into your home.

Get Inspired

Before taking any steps to choose a color scheme for a room or your entire home, you want to get inspired. Look at images of different homes, rooms, and spaces. Pay attention to the colors that draw your attention or the details that make a room stand out in your mind. 

Clarify Your Style

Each family and individual has a different preference for the style of a home. The challenge is clarifying your exact style and determining what appeals to your preferences. Do not assume that a specific type of style is ideal for your goals. Consider the elements of an image or your current home’s design that draws your attention and appeals to your sense of style. You can work with a Rhode Island painting contractor to create a cohesive look when you like multiple styles and aren’t sure how to combine the styles with a color scheme.

Balance Your Colors

When you are opting for neutral colors in many parts of your home, you can balance the colors with contemporary details that bring out specific features or aspects of your space. The key is balancing the colors to ensure that they do not clash or distract from the overall goal. Select colors that are balanced and work well together.

Choose Accents that Match

When adding an accent to your space, you want to ensure that it matches the overall color scheme of the room. For example, if you have blue walls, then you do not want to add red accents to the trim on your windows. Opt for colors that match and fit well together.

The key to choosing the right color scheme is identifying your style, evaluating your goals, and choosing colors that match. If you are uncertain about the right colors to fit your home, then talk to our Rhode Island painting contractor to learn more about your options.

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