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When it comes time to spruce up your commercial space with a new coat of paint, it pays to know just what to expect throughout the process. With that knowledge, you can confidently partner with your Rhode Island commercial painting team and get the job done right. To help you understand what this process entails, we’ve created this informative guide for your review. Check it out.


The first stage of the Rhode Island commercial painting process centers around planning the project to reflect your vision. At your estimate appointment, you can share your expectations and create a painting plan for that space. Your contractor will then use that information to draw up an estimate for the project. Make sure to review it thoroughly before authorizing the work and moving onto the prep stage.


Your painting contractors will put a lot of time into the prep work that ensures your commercial painting projects turns out just how you want. Proper surface prep not only creates a quality finish, but also boosts the durability of the paint. The various material types throughout the commercial space influences how contractors approach prep work. They might wipe down the surfaces with specialized cleaning products or simply tape off the edges, for example.


The painting stage comes next, giving you the chance to finally see the space transformed before your very eyes. Commercial painting contractors efficiently apply your selected paint colors to the various surfaces using brushes, rollers, and other tools. They follow the proper application and curing timing requirements for each type of paint used for the job. After applying all the paint, they remove the tape, drop cloths, and other protective materials to complete the job.

Sign Off

With the completion of the job, you must walk through the inspect the work and sign off on the project. Your contractor will walk you through the space, answering all questions you may have. If you see something that needs attention, point it out before signing off. Your contractor will happily amend any mistakes to perfect your commercial painting results.

Now that you know what to expect, you can head into the Rhode Island commercial painting process with confidence. Give your trusted painting professionals a call today to secure your place on the schedule.

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