Paint Your Building to Further Your Brand


When you own a brick and mortar company, brand building is everything. But one area you may not have considered when growing your brand is your building’s exterior. Why not use it as a billboard to increase your brand recognition? Here’s a quick look at how the process works to help you get started.

Paint Your Building to Further Your Brand

To spread your company’s brand, message and image, painting your building’s exterior can make a big difference. Commercial exterior paint, with colors selected to match your existing brand imagery, can help build a favorable impression for your customers. This concept goes back to medieval heraldry, where much of the population was illiterate, but could understand images. It’s been carried forward into today’s world with company logos, such as McDonald’s golden arches, the multi-colored Windows flag and Starbuck’s green goddess. When you see one of those, you know what to expect. Now it’s time to build that with your customers.

If you haven’t designed a logo or overarching branding for your company yet, take a few minutes to consider color psychology. Blue represents calm trust, green represents health and the environment, yellow is energetic and optimistic, black creates elegance and mystery, red is passionate and purple is luxurious, calming and inspiring.

This doesn’t mean you need to paint your entire building red if that’s the main color in your logo, simply that you should incorporate it somewhere in the design. For a background color, consider your climate – dark colors can lead to heavy cooling bills in hot climates, while white can become dingy in dusty parts of the country. Neutral colors that allow for easier maintenance will help you keep your building looking great. Neighboring buildings should also be taken into consideration, so that you’re not clashing terribly with a neighboring building. Make sure that it works well with your main logo color, which works well in accents, graphics and similar touches.

As a major first impression for your business, your storefront’s paint job makes a big difference. We can help you find the perfect paints, designs and accents to ensure that first impressions are positive, lasting ones. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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