Spring Maintenance Tips for Commercial Painting

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Is your business making the right first impression? You might be surprised to know that it’s not the business or your people that make that first impression on many of your customers. It’s your building itself. An attractive, well-maintained building draws the right kind of attention, and your building’s paint job is an important part of that image.

In Rhode Island, winter weather and coastal location can quickly wear away at your exterior commercial paint. While you can’t stop the effects of time, you can take measures to reduce necessary wear and tear on your building’s exterior paint with these commercial painting maintenance tips.

1. Identify the Problem to Choose the Right Solution

If you’re noticing your building’s paint is looking a little rough around the edges, take the time to identify the problem first. Is it suffering from mold growth? Is it fading from exposure to the sun? Does the building have rust? Each of these has a different maintenance solution.

For instance, if you have rust stains on your building, a mixture of water and Epsom salt can remove those. For mold or other growth, a mixture of bleach and water is the right solution. Before tackling the problem, find the root cause.

2. Wash Away the Grime

Sometimes, exterior paint in Rhode Island looks dingy because it’s dirty. A good pressure washing of the building’s exterior can wash away the grime and allow your paint to shine bright again.

3. Consider a Touch-up

If the cleaning and power washing haven’t fixed the problem, it may be that you’re due for a touch-up. This is where the pros come in. Our team of Rhode Island commercial painters can help you touch up the paint and enjoy a fresh, clean look to your property.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you keep the exterior of your commercial property well maintained, we are here to help. In East Greenwhich, Wakefield, Coventry and beyond, our team of commercial paint pros will partner with you to make your property look its best. Give us a call to learn more about our commercial paint maintenance services, and give your property the spring cleaning it needs to provide the right first impression every time.

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