Designer Tips:…. Finding The Perfect Wall Color

By Kerry O’Hara, Color Consultant for Two Brothers Painting

We all know how difficult choosing a paint color can be, especially when you know the painters are scheduled to start soon and you haven’t decided…. No pressure? Really!! Well there are a few simple steps you can take that can ease this process and help you make a perfect choice of color. Here are a few points to consider:

1. First decide what will be staying and going in a room. If you no longer love your rugs, furniture and accessories now is the time to rethink a new color palette.
2. Once a color palette is decided, bring a pillow or take a picture of the rug to the paint store for reference to check some color chips against them.
3. Also consider your adjacent rooms, keeping in mind that it is important to work within the same color palette for your main living space and to make sure the wall colors are balanced, as well as coordinated with the fabrics and furniture in the rooms.
4. Once you have chosen some colors it is important to check the swatches or paint samples at home. Lighting can dramatically change the way colors appear so it is equally important to make sure you have adequate lighting at night with Soft White LED bulbs that cast an even spectrum of light not too yellow or blue

Remember that changing your wall color is the easiest way to redecorate a room so it will definitely be worth your effort!! If you need assistance, Two Brothers Painting offers free In-Home Consultations with a minimum purchase, Happy Decorating!!


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