Choosing Between Stain and Paint for Your Deck

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Whether you are building a new wood deck or refinishing your old one, you have to make the choice between paint and stain for the finish. These two options can greatly transform your deck, but in vastly different ways. To choose the best finish, it is important to explore how paint and stain can elevate the appearance of your deck.

How Stain Elevates Deck Materials

When you apply stain to your deck, it protects the wood and beautifully highlights the pattern of the wood grain. You can select from stains in light, medium and dark hues to complement your exterior paint and landscape design. Decks that are finished with stain are easy to clean with a pressure washer.

When Painting Your Deck is the Best Choice

You can also consider using paint instead of stain as your finish of choice. As it comes in a rainbow of colors, paint can transform the appearance of your deck to match the exterior of your home. Since it goes on as a thicker coat, it also fills in all the cracks in the wood to make older decks look like new again. Paint also looks great on new decks as it rolls on smooth and creates an even coat.

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Deck

Beyond considering what look you want for your deck, you must also think about the maintenance requirements to pick the best finish. Stain tends to require more frequent maintenance than paint, though both finishes will eventually weather away and require replacement. In most regions, you may need to sand and reapply the stain every two to three years to keep it looking new.  Painted decks, on the other hand, can last more than five years before needing refinishing.

With your ideal appearance and maintenance schedule pinned down, you can easily select between stain and paint for your deck. If you would like help making this decision, or are ready to start your project, get in touch with us at Two Brothers Painting by calling 401-742-2237.

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