5 Ways To Brighten up a Room for the Holidays

Dark Room Painting

Is your Providence RI home small but cozy? Do you wish your rooms were bigger and let in more light? Well, you can’t change the size of your rooms, but you can maximize the light and make it look larger and more open. You can open up your rooms with paint and accessories that bring in more light and make the space appear bigger. Consult with an interior house painter for color schemes that brighten up a dark space for the most light.

1. Choose Light Colors for Your Walls

Light colors on your walls will open up the space making it appear larger. The magic with using color is that bright colors make things appear larger and more open, while darker colors make things look smaller and closed off. Instead of choosing a neutral color like beige or light grey, opt for soft pastel colors that are light and airy to reflect more light in the room. Shades of light yellow, blue, or green will make your rooms brighter and look more open. While it might be trendy to paint your rooms in shades of red or orange, these colors will make your room look smaller and much darker than it is. An interior house painter will give your rooms a professional look just in time for those holiday dinners.

Another tip for brightening a room is to go for an eggshell or satin finish. Satin finishes tend to look shiny and will attract more light. Flat matte finishes have the opposite effect. With accents like staircase railings, door frames, and baseboards, paint them in a white gloss to give them a clean, fresh appearance.

2. Paint the Ceiling White

You can create the illusion of a higher ceiling by painting it sparkling white. If you have light colors on the walls, the white ceiling will stand out and look farther away creating the appearance of a larger room. The ceiling is one area that many people forget when updating their rooms. Giving it a fresh coat of white paint will give it freshness and make it look new. White also reflects the light so when the windows are open on a sunny day the room will look much larger and brighter. A painting contractor has long-handled tools that can reach ceilings and have the job done in no time at all.

3. Lighten Up Floors with Area Rugs

Do you have dark cherry or mahogany wood floors? If the floors are not hardwood or maybe they’re a little worn or scuffed, a fresh coat of paint or a light stain would do wonders. If you like the look of the wood, you can opt for a light-colored wood stain to compliment the wall colors. It makes good sense to hire a home painter to update the look of your home and get it ready for the holiday celebrations to come. You’ll get a professional-looking finish, and your guests will compliment you on how nice your house looks.

It may not be within your budget to change out the flooring, but you can lighten up dark wood floors with brightly colored area rugs. Even if you have light wood floors, rugs open it up and can make the room look larger. You can choose any color for an area rug as long as it is light-colored. It doesn’t have to be all one color either. You can choose a solid color or one with a pattern, it’s up to you. Let your creativity shine here.

4. Lighten Up a Dark Space with Reflective Subway Tiles

This is one tip that is quite easy to implement. If your kitchen tends to be dark and gloomy these subway tiles will brighten it up and bring more light into the room. They are very glossy and have a lot of shine so when the lights are on or the curtains are open, they will reflect more light making your kitchen look bigger. They can also be used to open up a tiny bathroom. They are easy to install, you just peel and stick them to the wall where your backsplash would be. You’ll have the decorative look of a tiled wall without the added expense. This is especially good for those who live in apartments where you can’t remodel anything.

5. Incorporate Colorful Accents

Having a small space doesn’t mean you can use other colors. If you want to bring darker colors into the room, use them as your accent colors. Throw pillows or a decorative blanket in darker earthy colors will make your living space look cozy and functional. Picture frames, table runners, and centerpieces are areas where color can be used where it doesn’t close the room up. As long as your rooms are light and bright, your accent colors can be anything you choose.

Additional Tips:

Curtain and Window Treatments

The use of curtains can also open up a room and make it look larger. If you have a small window, you can make it look larger by using a decorative curtain or drapery rod a little longer than the window and layer your curtains to fit a sheer curtain in the middle and a solid panel on each end. It gives the appearance of a larger window, and lighter curtains will let in more light. Opt for white or a light color that goes well with your wall colors.

Install Decorative Light Fixtures

Rooms with only a single light bulb can be revamped with a decorative light fixture. If your room has just one light in the middle of the room, you can open it up with a light fixture and LED lights to give more light. LED lights are brighter than most household light bulbs and use less energy. Place one or two light fixtures strategically around the room to maximize available light.

Reflect More Light With Mirrors

Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of a larger room. They reflect the light and open up dark areas. Place decorative mirrors on a wall that faces a window to open it up and bring in more light. They don’t all have to be large mirrors either. Choose a couple of smaller mirrors and place them on the mantle, on a bookcase, or a small side table. Even the small ones will reflect the light and make the room brighter.

Two Brothers Painting is a painting contractor serving the city of Providence RI. Call us today for an interior house painter quote. We can consult with you on colors and help you choose the ones that will make your home look spacious and inviting. We can also work with you to create a schedule that fits your needs. Giving your home a new look doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us help you brighten up your home for the holidays.

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