Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors

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If you’re like most people, you already know that different colors have different affects on your mood. There’s undoubtedly that one outfit in a certain color that makes you feel stronger and more self-confident whenever you wear it— and it’s only natural that you want your home color palette to reflect your personal preferences. However, creating a color scheme that works on home interiors is a bit different from fashioning a wardrobe.  Following are five questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding which interior paint colors are right for your home.

Do You Prefer Warm, Neutral, or Cool Colors

Interior decor schemes are built around an overall tone that is either warm, neutral, or cool. Most people’s tastes naturally gravitate toward warm or cool colors, but neutrals can also work well, especially if you want to feature color accents on both sides of the spectrum.

What Type of Lighting Do You Have?

Lighting matters when choosing colors because different types of lighting bring out nuances in different colors. For instance, fluorescent lighting enhances cool blues and greens while incandescent lighting plays up warm colors such as brown and yellow. It’s also important to consider the quality of the natural light that comes in through your windows during the daytime as well as the difference in the way the room looks at night.

Do You Want to Make a Room Look Larger?

If your home has small rooms and you want to create the illusion of more space, consider using light colors. Another effective trick is to match the color of the paint with the primary pieces of furniture in the room.

What Mood Do You Want to Set?

Soothing, serene colors work best in bedrooms because you want to set a mood that’s conducive to rest and relaxation, while bright, cheery colors such as lemon yellow work well in kitchens. Those who prefer a minimalist ambiance often opt for cool tones throughout the home.

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