Color Trends for Rhode Island 2022


To make your home feel new and stylish, you don’t need to do a major renovation or replace most of your furniture. Instead, a quality house painting job can totally refresh the look and feel of a residence.

Plus, if you choose trendy colors, you’ll make your house feel fashionable and up-to-date. That way, you’ll impress your visitors and overnight guests. Or, if it’s almost time to sell your home, you could really attract potential buyers. With that in mind, let’s look at some of this year’s top home interior paint colors for East Greenwich RI and beyond.

Taking a Breather

For sure, the last few years have been volatile and sometimes scary for people all over the world. Maybe that’s one reason why peaceful colors are so in vogue right now. Often, these shades have strong associations with nature, calling to mind serene landscapes.


The paint company Behr chose blue-green as the number one color of 2022. And this hue is popping up everywhere. What’s behind its popularity? For starters, blue-green can suit just about any room, but it works especially well in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. It’s tasteful and sophisticated. And it resembles the ocean on a sunny day — perfect for residents of the Ocean State!

Moreover, this color meshes nicely with a variety of other colors, giving you flexibility when choosing your furnishings. In particular, light blue, white, and gray blend well with it. Yellows and oranges can likewise complement blue-green walls. A yellow chair, for instance, might look like a tropical fish swimming in the sea.


Green has recently become one of the most sought-after interior colors. For its part, gray-green is especially in demand. In fact, three major paint companies have picked it as 2022’s top shade: Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams. If blue-green makes people think of the ocean, gray-green is reminiscent of the woods on a misty day. It goes great with neutral and cool colors — other shades of green in particular.


Like the fruit, this shade is sweet and delicious. Peach is just starting to emerge as an on-trend color option, and you could be a little ahead of the curve by selecting it now. It’s likely that, sometime soon, you’ll be seeing it all over. Peach, especially pale peach, is a joyful hue. In fact, entering a peach room might instantly lift your spirits. In part, that’s because the color is so associated with beachy locales. At the same time, pale peach isn’t overpowering. Rather, it’s subtle and classy. Also helpful, it pairs well with all kinds of other colors.


You may or may not find this dark shade of gray calming. There’s no denying, however, that it’s a striking design choice, one that’s becoming more and more common. It can lend an interior space a sense of mystery, urbanity, and sophistication.

White, light gray, and pastel furnishings all offer pleasing contrasts to graphite. On the other hand, if you find this color a little too overpowering for a certain room, you could opt for graphite features instead of graphite walls. For example, dark gray cabinets can really make a kitchen pop.

Two Brothers Painting for the Win

The right paint colors call for the right painters. After all, you want the most beautiful results possible. You also want to derive the most value possible from your home painting investment. The only way to get such a final product is to hire professionals with a track record of excellence.

If your home is located in or close to East Greenwich RI, we at Two Brothers Painting can provide you with the utmost in quality interior house painting. We’ll give your home interior a stunning transformation. We’re fully licensed and insured. We finish our work on time every time, and we always stay on budget.

We could help you identify your ideal color options, too. You might have specific ideas or a more general sense of what your home interior should look like. Either way, we’ll make sure the results match the pictures in your mind. In short, we have years of experience in satisfying customers, and we have a reputation for quick, professional, and friendly service.

If you’d like, please reach out to us once you’re interested in a home painting project. We could start discussing scheduling, colors, paints, and other details. Your home could soon boast some of the most appealing and chic hues currently available.

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