Historic Home Painting in Rhode Island

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One of the 13 original colonies and first states to join the United States, Rhode Island is home to some of the oldest homes in the country. Historic homes aren’t just beautiful, warm and scenic — they also serve as a reminder of the early days of the country. And while they may require more regular maintenance and restoration work than newer homes do, they’re absolutely worth keeping in good shape. However, when it comes to the professionals that can help keep historic homes looking good and staying true to their roots, not all are equal — especially when it comes to painting. Historic homes are rich with unique ceilings and building materials, and this special architecture and older building materials requires the right type of paint and the right type of painting professional to get the results that you want. That’s where we come in.

Historic Home Painting in Rhode Island

Brittle old paint. Plaster materials. Rotted wood.

Those are just a few of the problems that we regularly encounter when working on historic homes, and we have the experience, professionalism and know-how to resolve any of these issues on any job we’re on. When it comes to brittle old paint, we’ll work to safely remove it in a lead-safe way. And we won’t just fill any cracks in plaster that we encounter — we know that’s only a temporary fix. It’s why we work to properly repair it. We also understand how important the antique windows are to maintaining the historical charm of an old house, which is why we’ll also make any repairs on rotted wood that we encounter on the job. 

Bottom line: We’ll go above and beyond to ensure your historic home comes away looking great after we paint it, and we’ll also help restore what we can along the way.

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If you have a historic home, you already know that not just anyone can help maintain and restore it. You can trust us, experienced and highly qualified painters that can keep your property looking great for years to come. For more information, contact us today.

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