New Construction Painting

New Sheetrock Drywall Abstract Background

In Rhode Island, new construction painting is available from our experienced, trusted contractor. When you’ve invested in a new home or commercial building, you’ve put a lot of money and time into the project. You want to ensure the building looks beautiful inside and out. A new construction painting contractor can make that possible. With expert tools and resources, it’s possible to create beautiful, long-lasting designs that add value to any new home.

New Construction Painting Is Unique

Once the drywall goes up, there are several steps contractors need to consider before painting. Painting during the construction process in itself can be difficult simply because of the potential for dust and debris. The best contractors in Rhode Island work closely with the builders to ensure the paintwork is done with precision detailing and in a controlled environment, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Priming, painting, sanding, and prep work all take time. Experienced painting teams know how to ensure new construction painting is done properly, including ensuring the finished result offers the texture, look, and feel you desire. For those looking to move their new construction project one step forward, it all comes down to hiring the right team to do the work.

What Can the Painting Contractor Do for You?

With new construction painting, the team should work to properly select and paint surfaces both inside and outside the home. This includes working to choose paint designed for specific needs and applications with care. Because of the challenges of the project, there may need to be a foreman on site to manage the process. They should also ensure they are coordinating the project with the construction crew to ensure the work is done professionally. The process may include:

  • Creating a plan for every type of interior and exterior surface in the home.
  • Prepare wall preparation for new construction projects to ensure proper paint adhesions.
  • Planning of the process to align timelines as construction in those areas wraps up.
  • Fast, reliable workmanship to ensure the work remains on schedule.
  • Complete inspection and touchups for the property owner.

Only trained and qualified new construction painters should be on your project. The right Rhode Island painting contractor is one with ample experience working with these homes. A fully licensed team is also important.

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