Pro Tips for Painting Your Interior Walls

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Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial property owner, or managing an apartment complex, at some point, interior walls will need painting.  Like most everything, time takes a toll and paint is no exception as it’s subjected to dirt, dust, fingerprints, and general wear and tear, daily, that affect the paint’s appearance. When it’s time to roll on a new coat or two, consider these professional tips to ensure success.

Preparing the Area

Each wall needs to be free of dirt, dust, and grime buildup. Pay special attention to kitchen walls coated with a greasy residue from cooking. If there are marks on the wall, cover with a quick coat of paint. Any damage to the walls, such as splits or holes in the drywall, caulk and seal. Cover wall outlets with masking tape or remove the outlet panel and cover the receptacle with tape. Move furniture out of the way, then place drop clothes on the floor and cover furniture and accessories to protect against paint splatter.

Boxing the Paint

Blend multiple cans of the same color paint together in one large container to maintain a uniform color. Once you realize the amount of paint will not be enough to finish the job, buy more and blend it into the remaining paint mixture to keep the wall color consistent. Do not wait until the paint runs out.


Use appropriate tools. For example, if using a roller, purchase the appropriate nap length to accommodate smooth or rough surfaces. Invest in an angled sass trim brush to do trims, corners, and detailed work.

Start Painting

Apply a coat of primer or use paint with primer included. Apply paint starting with the ceiling first, followed by the walls, and finishing with the trim. Work from top to bottom.

Protecting Tools

When not in use, cover brushes and rollers with a wet cloth or plastic to prevent drying out. Cover paint cans to prevent the paint from skimming over, which causes flakes in the paint.

When your Rhode Island property needs new interior paint, contact your local painting contractor. He has the answers, experience, and equipment to provide a professional job.

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