The 2023 Colors of the Year for Rhode Island

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In Narragansett RI and everywhere else, color is key to home decor. In fact, simply by repainting a room, you could make it look like it’s been completely remodeled.

Indeed, new colors can make homes seem more spacious or more intimate, more sophisticated or more fun, more current or from a different time period altogether. Are you planning to hire a painting contractor to work on your home in 2023? And do you love exciting home trends? If so, check out the marvelous colors below.

Redend Point (Sherwin-Williams)

For starters, Redend Point looks to be huge this year. That’s because the popular HGTV Home paint brand, a division of Sherwin-Williams, has named it the top color of 2023. It’s a brand new color. Redend Point, a warm blend of pink and beige, is inviting yet refined. And it can work as a neutral color choice. Moreover, its organic feel makes it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor spaces.

Viva Magenta (Pantone)

The painting company Pantone, meanwhile, has chosen its own color of the year: Viva Magenta. It’s a bold choice — a powerful red that’s derived from the natural world. It would definitely get attention inside your home. Given its intensity, you probably wouldn’t paint an entire room in this color. But it could make a piece of furniture or a decorative item pop.

On the other hand, if you felt a little more daring, you might paint an accent wall in this color. When surrounded by walls and objects in neutral shades, the sharply contrasting Viva Magenta would really inject life and personality into the room.

Blank Canvas (Behr)

Perhaps you feel that white walls are the way to go. In that case, you might appreciate Blank Canvas from Behr. It’s a calming shade, almost white but not quite. Plus, it has an organic quality, making it perhaps more enticing than traditional white walls.

In essence, Blank Canvas offers what every blank canvas offers: the opportunity to unleash your most creative design ideas.

Raspberry Blush (Benjamin Moore)

Benjamin Moore’s choice for this year’s number one color is called Raspberry Blush. It’s a lovely coral with some pink mixed in for good measure.

Raspberry Blush could be just right for your accent wall. Or, if you truly adore this color, you could paint an entire room in it. Either way, it’s cheerful yet dignified; it could create an ideal setting for hosting company or simply relaxing by the fire.

Terra Rosa (Dunn-Edwards)

For its part, Dunn-Edwards has selected Terra Rosa as 2023’s leading color. It combines a cinnamon hue, which is a warm brown, with a glowing red. The result is memorable: snug and cozy on the one hand, lively and joyful on the other.

Terra Rosa would look good in just about any room of the house — as an accent or as the main color. You might even want it for your exterior!

Wild Wonder (Dulux)

Wild Wonder is Dulux’s color of the year, and it definitely lives up to its name. This greenish gold instantly calls to mind wildflowers and sunlit fields, fresh air and gentle breezes. This entrancing hue could make it springtime all year long inside your home.

Equally exciting, Dulux is offering four color palettes — Buzz, Flow, Lush, and Raw — that perfectly complement Wild Wonder.

Vining Ivy (Glidden Paint by PPG)

Blue-green has long been a popular option for residential interiors. And Vining Ivy — the color of the year according to Glidden Paint by PPG — is an especially lovely blue-green.

Vining Ivy is inspiring, another color drawn directly from the natural world. Thus, it’s a great option for any room with stone or wooden features. Then again, it’s a highly versatile color, and it will suit just about any setting.

Rustic Greige (Dutch Boy)

Dutch Boy believes Rustic Greige to be the outstanding color of 2023. As soon as you glimpse this gray and beige mixture — one with a tantalizing hint of red — you might wholeheartedly agree.

By the way, this neutral shade pairs well with three other Dutch Boy palettes: Botanic, Plush, and Wistful. And all on its own, it can make an interior space feel totally comfortable and serene.

Two Brothers Painting: Rhode Island’s Leaders in Paint

Finally, if you’ll be repainting your home or hiring a painting contractor this year, you obviously have many color choices in addition to those listed above. If you’d like professional advice as far as color combinations, accent walls, and highlights, Two Brothers Painting is here for you.

We’re experts when it comes to paint colors, textures, and brands, and we serve Narragansett RI and all surrounding areas. On top of that, our first-rate home painters can provide you with a first-rate paint job. Yes, our work is thoroughly professional, and our results are stunning to behold. In the end, the colors you choose for your home should be your own personal Colors of the Year. And, if you contact us at Two Brothers Painting, we can help you find them.

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