How to Determine If Your Rhode Island Home Needs an Exterior Repaint This Spring

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Spring is a season of many rituals: spring cleanings, spring breaks, and yard sales aplenty. In addition, for many homeowners, springtime is often exterior painting time.

Here are some signs that this spring might be the right time for you to hire residential exterior painters in Jamestown.

  1. You See Stains

The winter weather, of course, can be tough on paint. Ice and snow moisture often gets trapped, and it can lead to moisture stains.

On top of that, the winter moisture encourages fungal growth. And mold and mildew can damage your home’s construction materials. Thus, be on the lookout for exterior mold and mildew stains, which signify an excess of fungi in and around your home.

  1. You Notice Damaged Paint

The moisture of winter can also cause paint to peel, bubble, and crack. Unfortunately, if your exterior paint is cracked or peeling, it exposes your house or condo to the elements. Thus, damaged paint can be a sign of damaged wood or stucco.

Furthermore, after new coats of paint seal those openings, it’ll be harder for swarms of pests — insects, spiders, and so forth — to invade your home.

  1. Your Paint Looks “Blah”

After a hard December, January, and February, exterior paint often appears discolored or faded. Even if your paint is still vibrant, it’s possible that you no longer adore the color of your home. Or maybe you still like that color design, but it’s fallen out of style. It happens. And it’s no problem!

If you hire an excellent paint contractor this spring, your home will be ready for your summertime barbecues, pool parties, or soirees. Yes, your guests will marvel at how new and stylish your house looks.

The Joys of Springtime Painting

The moderate temperatures of spring are perfect for painting. By contrast, when it’s hot outside, paint often dries too fast. On the other hand, when it’s cold, paint can take too long to dry.

We at Two Brothers Painting know all about springtime exterior painting in Jamestown RI, and we’ve been providing top-notch paint jobs and home remodeling for more than 15 years. Especially important, we can assess any damage to your home. If any material is so impaired that it must be replaced, we can handle that task before we begin painting.

Moreover, we’re fully insured and licensed, and we always get our work done on schedule and within the budget. Not to mention, all of our residential exterior painters are friendly, punctual, and professional, and they’re certainly all experts in their field.

Above all else, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service at all times. We’re conscientious about every detail of every project.

Do you live in or near Jamestown RI? And are you ready for a springtime paint job? If so, please feel free to give us a call. This spring will feel even sweeter when your home is decked out in beautiful — and highly protective — new coats of paint.

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