How to Paint Bathroom Tile to Refresh Your Space

Paint Bathroom Tile

Giving your bathroom a profound makeover doesn’t always have to break the bank. Painting bathroom tiles may be just what you need to for a fresh and beautifully sophisticated look, without taking up too much of your time! Yes, you heard that right – painting with just a few steps can completely transform the feel of a bathroom, making it seem unrecognizable. To give you professional putting on advice, here are some tips on how to paint shower room tile like an expert.

Prepping Your Tile

Before you start painting, it’s important to prep the surface properly. This includes cleaning the tile thoroughly with a degreaser and some elbow grease. Once that’s done, wipe away any dust or debris with a damp cloth and let the tile dry completely before moving onto the next step.

As you prepare to paint, it is crucial that you properly clean and prep the surface first. This means degreasing with soap and water, as well as sanding any glossy areas of the tile down. Be sure to remove any dust or dirt with a cloth before beginning to paint!

Choosing Your Paint

When choosing paint for your bathroom tiles, be sure to pick a type made specifically for bathrooms. Regular wall paint won’t work as well in this room because of the higher moisture levels. For color choices, opt for something light and neutral such as white or beige. These colors will show less dirt and grime over time than dark colors. If you’re looking for extra protection against mold and mildew, there are paints available with built-in protection. This is especially important in bathrooms prone to dampness or humidity.

Apply The Paint

Now comes the fun part! Start by applying painter’s tape around any areas that you don’t want painted such as door frames or trim work. Then mix your paint according to package instructions if necessary and apply one even coat using a foam roller or brush – make sure that you get into all of those nooks and crannies! Let it dry completely before applying another coat if needed; most paints require two coats for optimal coverage but check the instructions on your specific product first. Once everything has had time to dry completely, remove any painter’s tape carefully so you don’t peel off any newly painted sections of tile along with it!

Painting Bathroom Tile

Painting bathroom tile can be a great way to refresh an outdated space without breaking the bank! With just a few simple steps – prepping the surface, choosing your paint wisely, and applying it evenly – you can easily transform your tired old bathroom into something new and exciting. So get out there and get started – happy painting!

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