Tips to Avoid Common Exterior Painting Mistakes in Rhode Island

Exterior House Painting

Painting the exterior of your home or business improves the curb appeal and the cleanliness of your property. Unfortunately, improper techniques may result in peeling, paint blisters, or other unsightly mistakes. When you are planning to work on an exterior painting project in Rhode Island, you want to take measures to avoid the most common errors that impact the appearance of your property.

Use Compatible Materials

Intercoat peeling is an unattractive result that stems from the use of incompatible materials or improper painting. The first step to prevent intercoat peeling is to clean the surface of your property thoroughly and then use a primer that is compatible with the surface of your property. You also want to choose a paint that will adhere to your primer. If you do not use compatible materials, then your paint will start to peel. Do not paint over a wet surface. If your primer is not dry, then allow it to dry. If the surface of your property is wet from cleaning, then wait until it dries completely before you start to apply your primer.

Paint in the Right Weather Conditions

Paint blisters on your Rhode Island property are not attractive. You want to avoid paint blisters by waiting to prepare and paint the exterior until you have the right weather conditions. Avoid painting your exterior when the temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. If the weather is too hot, then your paint will blister.

Prepare Exposed Wood

When paint chips and peels from normal wear and tear over time, you may notice that portions of your exterior have exposed wood. Do not just paint over the exposed wood since it may cause your paint to crack or peel. Prepare the wood by sanding it until you have a smooth surface. After that, use a primer that is compatible with the wood and will seal the wood before you paint over the primer.

Painting the exterior of your property in Rhode Island is a project that requires the right technique and strategies to avoid unsightly peeling, blistering, or other mistakes. If you want to have a beautiful final result, then contact us for an estimate on an exterior painting project today! Our contractors have the skills and knowledge to handle any exterior painting project.

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