What Are The Things You Need To Consider Seriously When Selecting An Exterior Color For Your Home?

Exterior Painting

Your home exterior plays a major role in creating a good first impression on visitors. And although exterior painting is an easier and more affordable way to change your home’s appearance, it’s important to choose a good paint color.

It is, however, more challenging than choosing interior paint colors because it is a longer-lasting decision. It also comes with a lot of pressure because you don’t want your house to stick out in the neighborhood for the wrong reasons. Fortunately, you can consider advice from professional residential exterior painters from Two Brothers Painting on the things you should consider before choosing an exterior paint color for your North Kingstown RI home.

Think About Your Home’s Style

The first thing you should do is determine your home’s style plus era because that gives you a clear picture of the colors that will suit it. Your preferred colors should give you a balance of blending in and standing out from other surrounding homes. The best way to determine a good color palette for your home is by researching online or consulting experienced exterior painters. You can also research paint manufacturers because some offer historically accurate colors.

While this research will help your home look naturally beautiful, you don’t have to follow the guidelines strictly. You can subtly add fun colors, such as in the doors or windows.

Consider Your Home’s Materials

After determining your home’s style, determine the materials of structures that you want to keep the same. These can be driveways, roofs, walls, etc., made using materials like tile, wood, stone, concrete, or brick. You should also consider the landscape and ensure it blends with the new colors, a naturalistic landscape, for example, could go well with colors like soft neutrals, pastels, and foam green.

Another essential thing to consider is your home’s interior paint. It is essential to have a cohesive or uniform look and feel as you transition from the exterior to the interior of your home. These will help you narrow your color choices because you want a color that will blend in instead of clash with those materials. For that, professional residential painting contractors recommend working with the current undertones.

Look At Other Homes In The Neighborhood

While it is okay to stand out, ensure you stand out for the right reasons. Unless you live in a neighborhood with strict home regulations and guidelines, you can use whatever paint color you want on your house. However, you should limit that freedom and ensure your chosen color goes well in your neighborhood. While that does not mean you must match the color on other homes, you should choose a color that makes your house blend in instead of clash with other homes. Comparing colors in neighboring homes is also a good way to look for inspiration, especially if the houses are the same style and size.

Look At Surrounding Natural Elements

Nature is an essential motivation to help you choose perfect colors because. You can use the colors of the scenery or plants around you to determine which colors will help your home pop and stand out or blend into your surroundings. For example, if many plants surround your home, you should avoid bright colors that steal the natural element’s colors and use lighter, more neutral colors. If you are in the mountains, your house will blend in well with a rich black color, while a house in the desert would go best with earthy tones.

Get a Professional Opinion

Choosing color is complicated, especially for a permanent and hefty investment like your home. Therefore, if you have researched and are still indecisive, consider consulting seasoned exterior painters. Most residential painting contractors usually offer a color consultation to ensure your chosen color matches your preferences and home exterior.

Get Unmatched Exterior Paint Advice Today

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