How to Brighten an Office With No Windows

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If most of us were given our choice concerning office space, we’d choose spacious work environment with abundant natural light. However, the real world doesn’t quite work that way, and many people find that their offices don’t quite provide the kind of energizing ambiance they’d like — in fact, dreary, drab cubicles and windowless offices are probably more common than their counterparts with sunlight spilling in through large windows, and this kind of space has the potential to decrease both mood and motivation. Fortunately, strategies exist for brightening up offices with very small or no windows and providing the benefits of natural lighting. Following are just three of the many ways you can turn an overly dark office into a vibrant work space.

Play With Paint

The most common fix for brightening up a room that lacks a natural light source is to pain the walls white. However, this strategy often results in a stark, institutional look that’s both unflattering and unsettling. Consider cream light blue, soothing light gray, or even blush pink tones to create warmth and interest.

Ditch the Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting makes everything look dreary and drab, but it’s even worse when it’s used in an indoor space that has little or no natural lighting. Getting rid of overhead fluorescent and replacing them with lamps. Use layered lighting strategies to achieve a textured ambiance. For instance, small spotlights on shelving, over the work space, and in corners provide a accent points that add depth and interest to ambient lighting. 

Introduce Natural Elements 

Most houseplant varieties were originally sourced from jungle floors in tropical and subtropical environments, which makes them ideal for growing in low-light situations. Bringing a plant or two into your office provides an instant natural look. Types that grow best in low light include ferns, palms, snake plants, and peace lilies. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on creating the work space of your dreams out of even the most unpromising raw material. 

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