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If you’re like most homeowners, you consider the kitchen to be the heart of your home. Kitchens serve as a source of both psychical and emotional nourishment, so naturally, you want your kitchen to look its best — and this starts with a foundation of attractive and durable paint. In many ways, providing a kitchen with a new paint job is less complicated and time-consuming than painting rooms in other parts of the home. After all, kitchens tend to have less overall wall surface paint thanks to cabinets, appliances, and shelving, but this also means more precision painting around corners. Fortunately, the average kitchen can be painted during a weekend afternoon — and while it dries, take the whole family out to dinner. ‘

Following are three main steps involved in painting a kitchen.

Choose the Colors

Kitchen paint colors are traditionally bright, light, and appetizing. Lemon yellow is an excellent choice along with blush pink, seafoam green, and dove gray. Avoid anything overly jarring such as orange or red shades — these are the colors that fast food establishments use to encourage customers to finish their food and leave as quickly as possible.

Prepare the Surface

Clean the surface thoroughly using warm water and a detergent designed to clean grease. If it’s been awhile since you’ve washed your kitchen walls, go over them with a vacuum attachment first to remove any accumulated dust or cobwebs. Be sure to allow the walls to dry completely before applying the initial layer of primer.  If possible, open the windows to let in a fresh breeze.

Cover and Mask

After removing all furnishings from the room, use masking tape on the trim and cover appliances, flooring, doors, and countertops to protect them from splattering with either plastic or canvas drop tops.


Now that everything’s prepped, it’s time to get down to the job of painting. You’ll need a roller for the large areas and smaller brushers for the corners and trim. Allow at least two hours between individual coats to dry, and after you’re finished, change your clothing and go enjoy a lovely dinner on the town.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information on creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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