Signs It’s Time to Paint Your Commercial Building


The exterior of your commercial building can develop signs of wear and tear over the years due to exposure to the elements, along with other factors. When your building is exposed to sunlight and adverse weather conditions, the paint on it can start to fade or become damaged. You should look into commercial painting in Rhode Island if your building has any of the following signs.

Chipped Paint

Paint can become chipped over time, or it can start to peel. When this happens, the surface beneath the paint isn’t well-protected from moisture, which can increase the risk of mold growth and other issues. Your building should be repainted if you notice any areas of peeling or chipped paint.

Mold Growth

Mold and mildew affect your building’s appearance while also creating a potential health risk. You might see dark spots on the exterior of your building if mold or mildew is growing on it. Since this can cause health problems for people, it’s important to have professional commercial painters inspect the exterior of your building and discuss options for dealing with mold or mildew.

Bubbling Paint

Paint on the exterior of your building can form small bubbles due to moisture. These bubbles are tiny pockets filled with air that develop under exterior paint when you have moisture or water damage. Seeing smaller or larger areas with bubbling paint indicates that you should have new paint applied to your building’s exterior.

Chalky Film

Chalky film can cover parts of your exterior when paint becomes worn over time. This film develops as the paint’s deteriorates. You might see this chalky film or end up with it on your skin if you put your hand on the affected areas. Having chalky film means that your building needs new paint.

Faded Markings

Faded markings or signs that are used for safety purposes should be easy for people to see at all times. If paint in these areas has become hard to see or read, you should have commercial painting done as soon as possible to reduce the risk of safety hazards.

High-Quality Commercial Painting in Rhode Island

Having professional commercial painting done helps keep your building looking its best and can lower the risk of moisture damage. Contact us for more information on our commercial painting services throughout Rhode Island, including Wakefield, Newport, Providence, Coventry, Warwick and East Greenwich.

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