Key Elements of a Long-Lasting Exterior Paint Job

How Often Does My Home's Exterior Need Painting

Having the exterior of your Rhode Island home painted is a major investment. However, a good paint job is essential for good curb appeal and making your home look welcoming to your neighbors, visitors and friends. According to “Angie’s List,” the average exterior paint will look nice for between five and ten years. Ideally, you want to get closer to the ten-year mark. While how long your paint will last depends partially on weather and other elements outside of your control, there are a few things you and your painting contractor can do to make sure your paint lasts as long as possible.

How to make your exterior paint last

  1. Prepare the surface properly.

Paint sticks best to a clean, smooth surface. That means getting rid of dirt, grime and loose and peeling paint before beginning to apply the new paint. “Popular Mechanics” Magazine estimates that up to 80 percent of the time you spend in painting your home will be spent doing the prep work. However, the time you take on this step will more than pay for itself in making your paint last longer.

  1. Choose your paint wisely.

Although it’s slightly more expensive, you’ll want to use paint specifically designed for exterior uses. This type of paint is designed to hold up to sunlight, wind and moisture.

  1. Apply the paint at the correct temperature

How hot or cold it is when you apply the paint also affects how long the paint will last. You want to paint your home when it’s at least 50 degrees but not more than 80 degrees for a window of at least six hours. Of course, you also want to paint when it’s dry outside and not likely to rain for a while.

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