Get Ready for an Interior Paint Job with These Three Steps

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Interior paint jobs can quickly change the entire ambiance of any home, which is why most homeowners rush into painting projects without giving any time or effort to proper preparation — and the consequences are often a poor-quality end result. Taking the time to properly prepare the surface helps ensure that the project has the desired impact instead of a slapped-together look that won’t improve the appearance of your home interior at all. Here’s how you can prepare your walls for painting so they’ll look their best when the project is completed.

Thoroughly Clean All Surfaces to Be Painted

Paint will fail to adhere to surfaces with dirt, grime, or dust buildup on them, which can result in an end result that looks uneven and blotchy. Be sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces and allow them to dry completely before painting them. Pay extra attention to any spots with visible grime, but even if your walls don’t appear to be dirty at all, clean them anyway as an extra layer of precaution.

Repair Small Holes and Other Damage

Carefully inspect your walls and other surfaces for small holes, nicks, and other damage, and repair the areas to provide a smooth surface for the paint. Otherwise, you’ll the damaged areas will show through the new paint, and even an expertly applied coat of paint can’t make up for the unappealing aspect provided by an uneven surface.

Prep the Area Prior to Painting

Proper preparation of the surrounding area is necessary if you want to protect your floors, furniture, and other household items during the painting process. Although many homeowners rely on old sheets to do the job, it’s better to use professional quality drop cloths that are thick enough to ensure that the paint doesn’t simply go right through them the way it does with sheets. Painters tape is also essential to make sure that contrasting paint colors from trim such as windowsills don’t bleed onto other areas.

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