Why Are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Quotes So Different Between Rhode Island Contractors?

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Hiring kitchen cabinet painting contractors can quickly become stressful because quotes can vary so tremendously. Why is this the case? There are many factors involved, but the following explanation will give you some insight into the situation.

Price Differences Among Professional Painters

Prices for cabinet painting Westerly RI vary based on factors that include the following factors:

Cabinet Painting Quality

Cabinet painting contractors include many independent operators who range from professional artisans to glorified handyman types. You get wildly different quotes from a neighborhood handyman and experienced painters with the right equipment for cabinet painting. These tools might include sprayers, high-speed drills, rotating spray rack and dryer etc.

Opportunistic Cabinet Painters

Some residential painting contractors make poor choices because they rush you to accept their services without talking about their process, tools or skills. These bad actors usually ask for large upfront deposits, have hidden charges and their prices have big inconsistencies. Some operate without intending to fulfill the contractual terms.

Bargain-rate Supplies Vs. High-quality Materials

Supply costs vary considerably based on quality, demand and availability. Find out whether the cabinet painters use high-quality materials or cut-rate supplies. You might prefer lower costs over quality, but you should know what you will get. Be aware that higher quality paint lasts longer and looks better, so it might be the better bargain.

Labor Costs

Most cabinet painters charge for labor based on the number of hours needed for the job. That can vary depending on the number of painters. Ask whether beginners are employed and whether their use cuts the labor costs. Ask for an explanation for the number of man-hours used in the quote.

Guarantees or Warranties

Check any guarantees, and question the terms of implied warranties. These promises can increase the value of your cabinet painting work. If the residential painting contractor fails to stand behind the work, you might prefer to choose another company – even if the price is higher. You should also check on reviews and testimonials to round out your impression of potential painting contractors.

Prep Work Needed

The amount of prep work needed on old cabinets can raise or lower prices dramatically. If the price of prep work seems too high, you might consider getting brand new cabinets or finding a more reasonably priced cabinet painting contractor.

Paint Color and Finish Choices

Although color will not affect the price of paint, painting dark cabinets a light color might take extra coats, which increase the number of hours and supply costs. The perfect finish increases the material and labor costs, but experienced painting professionals can prepare surfaces properly, finish the cabinets to make them last longer and possibly save money on the overall painting project.


You might choose to upgrade your cabinets in a number of ways with wrought-iron door handles, custom drawer pulls and even gold or silver accents. That could easily add $50 to $1,000 or more to your bill.

Other expenses can arise like the labor costs of moving heavy appliances or making structural changes to accommodate kitchen upgrades.

Two Brother Painting for Superior Craftsmanship

If you need high-quality cabinet painters, Two Brothers Painting hits all the marks for thoughtful communication and planning, skilled work and professional results. Many Rhode Island consumers demand high-quality work, and we provide both for commercial and residential painting services.

Contact Two Brothers Painting of Westerly RI today for an estimate, color consultation or other questions you might have.

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