Best Tips for Painting Your Westerly Property During the Holiday Season

Holiday Painting Tips

With the holiday season upon us in Westerly RI, we know at Two Brothers Painting that homeowners in the region are preparing their properties for holiday festivities via maintenance and renovation projects. Westerly property owners, like many across the country, want their homes to look their best for visitors and stayover guests and as part of their community and neighborhood pride.

Painting projects rank among the top home remodeling and renovation efforts this time of year. Yet, many people don’t know how to begin an exterior or interior painting job or the types of things they must think about to guarantee that they receive the best results.

At Two Brothers Painting, our team of experienced exterior and interior painters in Westerly RI believe in helping you to better understand painting overall and your options. No matter the size, a painting project isn’t something that people should start without a clear plan and an excellent understanding of everything involved, especially during the holidays when they must take into account special painting considerations to dress up their homes appropriately.

This guide offers our best tips for painting your Westerly property this holiday season.

Start with Inspections and Repairs

Painting isn’t a job that you should start before performing necessary seasonal and emergency repairs throughout your property, such as dealing with mold or pests, restoring water-damaged objects and structures, and replacing deteriorating materials. All too often, contractors performing other maintenance, repair and renovation tasks scuff, chip or severely damage painted surfaces or certain types of problems continue to erode or alter surfaces below paint. As a result, you must check every inch of your property for areas in need of repairs and hire the appropriate professionals to complete the tasks.

Select Areas to Remodel with Paint

It’s important to make a detailed plan that outlines specific outdoor and indoor areas that you want to update with one or more fresh coats of paint or new paint colors. When considering this topic, you also need to think about how you want each area to look via the cosmetic changes made with paint.

Common areas that homeowners think about painting for the holidays include the areas that commonly help people form their first impression of a home when seen from outdoor walkways, sidewalks or a street (i.e., siding, doors, windows, frames, light posts, attached garage front or whole garage and gathering areas) and interior high-traffic areas where people spend the most time (i.e., ceilings, walls, cabinets and some furniture in the main and guest bedrooms, hallways, the foyer or mud room, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen).

Homeowners select these spots because they want to feel the spirit of the season in a warm, comforting and welcoming atmosphere that various shades of paint can create or show their home in the best possible light to holiday visitors and neighbors.

Make Accent Choices Before Starting

One of the best ways for a homeowner to create an inviting and festive atmosphere or a particular color scheme or design theme is with accent colors and shades that bring together various painted color elements to form a cohesive look or to make certain spots on the exterior or interior of a home stand out more than other areas.

A red door on a traditional colonial home, for example, can make a green wreath with gold accents look stunning, bring together all New England colors used on the home’s exterior, or tie directly into a holiday theme. In the kitchen, interior painting with warm cream or cooler white walls and warm oak, walnut or fruitwood-stained or painted cabinets can draw people to the room and make them feel welcome.

An accent wall painted with a single solid or multiple fall or holiday colors (i.e., brown, green, orange, red or yellow) can make a room attractive. It can make the room feel smaller and more comfortable or large and more airy, especially if the wall serves as a display for seasonal or holiday decorations. An accent wall is also a great background for holiday video calls, group photographs or displaying a tree and gifts.

Pick Colors That Complement the Décor

One of the most important things you must remember when selecting one or more paint colors for main and accent options is that the combinations won’t matter if your year-round decorations or any holiday ones you plan to use blend or clash too much with your selections. For example, black Halloween decorations blend too much with black doors and shutters. White snow-related winter decorations might seem nonexistent against a white background. Conversely, a bright pastel selection for an interior high-traffic room paint palette might not match the season’s standard colors or stand out too much in a negative way, especially when covered with holiday decorations in traditional festive shades.

Selecting a Professional Painter in Westerly RI

Autumn is the perfect time of year to paint a home. A balance of cooler and warmer temperatures, especially in October, can help paint dry and cure faster. Additionally, exterior and interior painters in the region commonly offer paint packages and deals to compete with others and celebrate the season. Homeowners can usually find excellent, affordable professional painters in Westerly RI to help them with their renovation projects.

At Two Brothers Painting, our fully insured and licensed professional painters love to paint home exteriors and interiors this time of year. For the past 15 years, we’ve proudly provided our Westerly neighbors with a wide range of services to help them complete their dream painting projects. Our proven track record extends beyond providing excellent customer service. We’re dedicated to working quickly and efficiently to guarantee that we always finish our clients’ projects on budget and on time.

If you’re ready to make your home a festive, welcoming space with fresh coats of paint or an entirely new palette this holiday season, call us at (401) 519-9176 for more information or to schedule a consultation about colors, schedules and techniques.

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