Why Does Paint Crack?

cracking paint

There are a lot of problems that can happen with paint if it’s not applied or treated correctly. One of those is that the paint can crack. But what causes that, and how can you stop it from happening? Is there a way to correct it, if it does occur? Here’s what you need to know about paint and the cracks in it.

Not Prepping the Surface the Right Way

A big reason that paint cracks is that the surface underneath it wasn’t prepped properly. If it’s rough or uneven, or there’s dust, dirt, or other issues, the paint may not stick properly. There’s not much that can be done when that happens, other than to remove the old paint, prep the surface properly, and apply a coat of fresh paint to the area.

The Age of the Paint

If you use paint that’s very old, the texture and viability of it might have changed. It can separate, or simply start to break down in ways that cause it not to stick to surfaces as well anymore. When that happens, cracks can appear after the paint dries. Making sure you use fresh paint can reduce that risk.

Overthinning or Overspreading the Paint

While you don’t want to coat an area too heavily with paint, you also want to make sure you get enough on there to have a solid surface. If you spread paint too thin, it may crack simply because of that thinness. That can make paint more brittle, and cause it to fail to bond properly. Putting on a thicker coat of paint keeps this problem from occurring.

Using Interior Paint on the Exterior

Interior paint is generally made for drywall or plaster, and not for outside surfaces. It also doesn’t hold up to weather in the same way. If you put interior paint on the exterior of your house, you can expect chipping, cracking, and a lot of other issues. The same can happen with low-quality paint.

The best way to make sure your paint won’t crack is to hire a professional painting contractor to handle the job for you. Then you can have great-looking paint and peace of mind.

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