Interior Office Colors That Boost Employee Productivity


If you’re like most people, you already know that certain colors sometimes promote certain moods and memories. For instance, you may have happy associations with the color orange because you loved orange ice cream treats as a child. But personal connections and preferences aside, some colors are more universally inspiring than others. If you’re in the process of starting a remodeling plan for your office space, your choice of colors has the potential to significantly affect employee productivity. Following are four colors that you should consider including in your office color scheme.


Red isn’t normally considered a color that’s conducive to a productive workplace, and it’s true that shades of red-orange are often used in business environments that want to promote a fast turnover of customers, such as fast food restaurants. But red also energizes and inspires creative thought. The key to successfully using it in an office setting is to use it as an accent color so it doesn’t overwhelm.


Blue is usually associated with feelings of sadness and depression, but used in an office environment, it promotes calm, focus, and trust. Because of its soothing properties, blue is an excellent choice for workplaces that require substantial mental strain.


Yellow is a cheery, energetic color that’s more often associated with home kitchens and childcare centers than with professional office spaces. However, including splashes of yellow in your decor can help promote a positive mood and enhances creative thought, and it’s also a good choice for offices that receive a significant amount of customer traffic because they provide a welcoming note. Like red, yellow should be used as an accent color for best effect.


Because green is a calming color that’s easy on the eyes, it’s a good choice for workplaces where eyestrain is a significant part of the picture. Studies suggest that green also improves employee efficiency.

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