Your Guide to Paint Sheen Types

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A paint’s sheen — that is, the level of shine it has — determines how it will look and perform on your Rhode Island home’s walls. Our quick guide can help you choose the right sheen for every purpose to ensure function and beauty for years.

Use High Gloss for Kitchens, Door Frames and Windows

A high gloss paint offers the slickest surface. This is a boon in areas like door frames and windows, where frequent touches can leave behind stains. It’s also a good choice for the kitchen because it’ll keep spills and evaporated oils from staining. As a bonus, a high gloss reflects light to brighten a room.

Semi-Gloss: The Choice for Bathrooms, Chair Rails, Kitchens and Trim

If the shine of high gloss doesn’t appeal to you, consider a semi-gloss instead. They can be cleaned easily, but are less reflective and shiny than high gloss styles.

Satin Finish for Kids’ Rooms, Dens and Foyers

This versatile paint is the most popular for home interiors. It can be cleaned when stains occur, but doesn’t hold up to scrubbing like higher gloss styles. The finish is softer, for a warm and lived-in look.

Eggshell for Living and Dining Rooms

The next level down is eggshell. This paint has a softer, more subdued appearance. Colors won’t appear as bright as those in higher gloss finishes, but the paint will still have some luster. This makes them a soothing choice for dining and living rooms. Avoid these paints in areas where the walls will be touched or bumped frequently, as eggshell can be harder to clean.

Matte or Flat Paint for Adult Bedrooms

Matte paints have no gloss at all, making them a restful and stylish choice for walls in bedrooms and other private areas. They come in a range of colors, but the tones will be more subdued than in higher gloss choices.

Ready to update the colors and finishes in your home? Get in touch for a quote. We’ll discuss the right finishes for every room to help you create a space that perfectly balances beauty and function.

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