5 Ideas to Make an Interesting Statement When Painting Your Rhode Island Ceilings

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When you think about redecorating one of your rooms, you might imagine new wallpaper, new carpets, or new furniture. You might not consider asking your interior painters to do anything special with the ceiling.

Indeed, many people simply hire a painting contractor to paint ceilings the same color they’ve always been.

In truth, a ceiling can make a big difference in a room’s decor. It can enhance the mood and style of that space, and it can even become a focal point in itself.

Below are some tips for achieving true ceiling excellence.

1. Be Bold

Are the walls and floor in a certain room painted white or off-white? If so, you might consider a different hue for your ceiling.

For example, a bright color — perhaps a blue, green, or yellow — would stand out, and it would work especially well in a kitchen or bathroom. For other rooms, like your bedroom, you might opt for a darker color that you really like.

Yes, these color choices are somewhat daring. But such a shade should really make your ceiling pop. It can make the room’s other colors stand out, too.

In addition, you could hang curtains that match your new ceiling color. Those curtains would help draw people’s attention to the decorative items you want them to notice. Plus, the room’s color design would seem more cohesive. And these contrasts will lend the space more depth, making it even more visually pleasing.

2. Paint Your Ceiling Elements

Do any of your ceilings boast decorative or functional architectural elements? Examples would include trimmings, moldings, and lighting fixtures with base plates. If you do have a ceiling with these objects, your painting contractor could paint any or all of them in colors that contrast with the ceiling.

For example, if your ceiling is dark, those other objects could be white. Indeed, white can be especially effective if the flooring and walls are also white. Again, these differing colors would help unify the room’s color design. And, for its part, the ceiling would seem even grander and more distinct.

3. Choose Metal, Beadboard, or Siding

For a real change of pace, you could cover your ceiling with metallic tiles. These tiles are hard-wearing and long-lasting. They come in different patterns, many of them quite striking. Some make a room look sleeker and more contemporary, while others make an interior space feel more rustic. And some ceilings with metal tiles look like they belong in a faraway palace.

You could paint your metal tiles if you’d like. After they’re painted, their surface patterns and overall style will still be apparent. Thus, they’ll retain their unique and charming qualities.

If metal doesn’t suit your decorating style, beadboard paneling or siding might be more to your taste.

Both of these choices can make ceilings look higher than they really are, thus making rooms appear more spacious. On top of that, they both have a delightfully old-fashioned allure, reminiscent of homes from the early 1900s.

As with metal tiles, you can still admire the texturing of beadboard and siding after you’ve painted them.

4. Disguise Those Flaws

Paint can accomplish another important thing for your ceilings: It can cover up imperfections.

It’s almost inevitable that small holes, cracks, and other flaws will start appearing in a ceiling over time. Fortunately, the right paint can hide them, creating a smooth surface that’s more appealing.

In particular, matte and flat finish paints are adept at hiding all of those little defects.

If your ceiling is really plagued by blemishes, you could combine your paint with a paint thickener or a medium that creates a swirling effect. You could even try throwing some glitter into your paint. All of those substances can make it harder to spot dents, chips, and so on.

5. Consider Two Brothers Painting

Are you looking to have your ceilings painted — or to have any other interior painting done? If you live in the South Kingstown RI area, Two Brothers Painting is an outstanding company to call.

We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and we’re fully licensed and insured. All of our interior painters have had complete background checks. And we’re definitely a polite and friendly group.

If you’d like to infuse your ceilings with creativity, you can contact us as soon as it’s convenient. We can consult with you as far as colors, types of paint, scheduling, and related matters. Then, if you want to go forward with us, we can turn your ceilings into true masterpieces. Every time you look up inside your home, you’ll be gazing at beauty.

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