The Psychology Behind Rhode Island Paint Colors

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We understand how important your home’s interior and exterior are. Not only are these areas that you will be looking at for considerable amounts of time, but they will also be introduced to friends, family and others who are appreciating your exterior as they walk or drive by or taking in your interior as you welcome them into your home. One of the most important elements of your home is what colors your walls and other related surfaces are painted. One of the reasons for this is the psychology behind paint colors.

How can you decide what colors to use in your North Kingstown RI home? Take advantage of Two Brothers Painting’s outside and inside house painters. We serve as the premier painting contractor in North Kingstown RI, bringing more than 16 years of experience in home remodeling into your decision-making process. As a result, we know what colors fit what you are looking for psychologically as well as aesthetically.


Blue has been shown to slow respiratory rates, lower blood pressure and heart rates, reduce anxiety, aggression and generally provide a calming influence on those in rooms that have been painted this color. Many people decide to use blue in areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms, where being calm is usually preferred, although blue may be perfect for your home office if you have a generally stressful job. Keep in mind that many shades of blue that exist. For example, one that is very dark can have a depressing effect on some while especially light shades of blue can give off a chilly effect.


Green may end up being your best choice for a home work station or for an area where your children usually do their homework. This is because it has been shown to both relieve stress and improve an individual’s ability to focus, particularly as that relates to the thinking necessary for reading comprehension. Regardless, having your painting contractor paint one or more areas of your home green will cause those places to be more soothing, relaxing and comfortable.


The color orange tends to cause those enveloped by it to be more cheerful. However, do note that its ability to stimulate can result in overstimulation, so you may want to only use this color in limited amounts. But just the right amount can lead to significant benefits, including greater levels of communication and improved moods. For these reasons, orange is recommended in socially active areas of your home.


Pink is a good choice for an area where you want those there to experience a sense of being soothed and calmed and showing consideration and empathy for others. Some decide to paint children’s rooms and other places where they spend time pink for those reasons. Still, keep in mind that having too much pink in your home can result in those there getting irritated instead.


Purple is an interesting color that provides a home with a lot of character. In fact, it can bring a variety of moods to the areas that are painted in this color. Generally, darker shades of purple tend to give off a sophisticated sense, reminiscent of its historical connection with royalty, in addition to passionate and confident vibes. Conversely, lighter shades of this color are more apt to cause those surrounded by it to be compassionate, caring, sensitive and creative, making it perfect for an art studio.


If you are looking for a stimulating color that tends to cause a lot of energy to occur in areas where it is used, you should consider red. It has also been shown to increase an individual’s focus as well as their appetite. However, do also take into account that red is known to increase aggression as well, through increasing adrenaline levels, heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, you may want to avoid using this color in areas of your home that you want to be more relaxed.


Yellow, unsurprisingly, provides a sunny look to wherever it is used as a paint color. This results in those areas feeling more welcoming and causing those there to experience increased energy. Many parents use it for areas where their children generally spend their more energetic times. Yellow has also been shown to improve concentration and memory levels. Nevertheless yellow used in large quantities can increase anxiety, and it should most likely be avoided where you sleep.

Give us a call or contact us through our website, and we will discuss with you what colors may work best in your home. As a fully licensed and insured painting contractor, our friendly team of professional painters knows how to beautify your home with vibrant colors in a quick and on-budget manner.

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