Accent Walls can Enhance Your Rooms in Rhode Island

Accent Wall Painting Rhode Island

Perhaps all the time spent in your home these days has you looking for a way to enhance the look and feel of your home even more than ever for optimum enjoyment but without breaking the bank. Until now, changing the color of all the walls in a room with a fresh paint job by a residential painting contractor was one of the simplest and most budget-friendly ways to upgrade your interior’s appearance. However, now you can simply have interior painters paint just one of the walls in your room to create an accent wall to add a more modern feel and improve the look of the space and at a low cost.

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is one wall in a room that is highlighted over all the other walls in the space. This wall can be highlighted using a different material, texture, such as decorative plaster, or your interior residential painting contractors can paint it a different color than all of the other walls so that it stands out. An accent wall can be added to any room, or various rooms, in your home to add excitement, and working with an interior painting company only adds to the thrill, knowing they are highly skilled to ensure your project turns out exactly how you want.

What are the Benefits of an Accent Wall?

An accent wall provides many benefits to homeowners, including it gives you the option to have interior painters paint your home but without having to commit to a full paint project. It is also quicker and less messy, so it helps save time on work and cleanup, so you can get back to enjoying your home much sooner.

Some other benefits of an accent wall include:

Create a Focal Point

An accent wall is also a great way to add a focal point in an otherwise mundane space or to break up the look of the pattern in the room which, over time, can become monotonous

Showcase a Prized Painting or Item

Likewise, if you have a specific painting or item you are particularly fond of, displaying it in front of the accent wall will help highlight its features, as well as help draw the eye to it, so it is viewed in its excellence.

Customize Your Home

When interior painters accent your wall, you get to choose your own unique material, texture, or color, even a specially blended color if you’d like, which will give your home a different look than other homes for a custom look all your own.

Add Character

An accent wall also gives you the opportunity to display your character through bold colors or features that may otherwise be too overpowering for your entire space.

Likewise, if your room is enveloped in a bold color, adding a light-colored accent wall can help soften the look, as well as help highlight any gentler features in the room that may otherwise become lost in the boldness.

Change the Size of the Room

An accent wall can also be used to create the illusion of a longer, wider, shorter, or skinnier room, depending on the chosen color

How to Choose What Wall to Accentuate

Choosing what wall in your space to accent is fairly easy using the following 3 tips:

  • Select a Wall That Naturally Stands Out
  • As you step into the room, one wall will naturally draw your eye. Simply take note of which wall this is because it means it is already making a statement.
  • For instance, perhaps the wall protrudes from all the other walls, or it may have a different texture. Or maybe you have a certain piece of furniture in the room that you would like to highlight. You could also just choose that wall to accentuate the furniture.

Make Sure the Wall Is Bare

Your chosen wall needs to also be free of any windows and doors, which can prevent it from having a uniform look. At the same time, you also don’t want to choose a wall that is too open because adding a bold color to the wall can drown out the rest of the room. You also don’t want to weigh your accent wall down with too many decorative pieces because it can cause the wall to get lost behind the items, which can take away from the statement you wanted the wall to make.

Therefore, try sticking to walls that already stand out of an architectural wall because it will naturally complement the paint.

Consider the Lighting

The way the light bounces off the wall will also impact the look of the accent wall. Therefore, consider how the sunlight enters the windows and shines on the wall, which will also help naturally bring out the accent wall. You can also incorporate artificial lighting that angles toward the wall, which will also help bring it out, especially at night. Or if you already have a wall that artificial lighting directs to, simply choose that wall to help bring out the accent.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Accent Wall

The color you choose for your accent wall is also important for setting the mood and bringing it out. Most accent walls are more appealing when they are the darkest wall in the room, and the dark color also gives it a classy look. However, they also look great in light colors, provided they are properly coordinated. The color you choose for your wall can also be used to help create the appearance of a larger room. For instance, cool colors tend to make stubby rooms look more elongated. Your contrast color needs to also coordinate with the various other features in the room, including the carpet, curtains, and fabric prints so that it stands out but also creates balance. Otherwise, it can make the accent wall look out of place in the room.

How Two Brothers Painting South County RI can Help You Achieve Your Vision

Choosing to go with Two Brothers Painting South County RI gives you added pride in your accent wall knowing that it is painted to superior standards and designed to last. As experienced residential painters that have been in the business for many years, we have inside knowledge on the latest and greatest paint products to ensure we provide you with only the best materials. We also have the right tools to ensure a smooth, even finish, and they are also designed to reach even the most challenging areas for a safe job. Our technicians are also licensed, bonded, insured, and receive ongoing training to ensure a quality job. They also show up wearing professional attire so you know they are serious about their work. Before starting work on your home, we make it a point to cover any unprotected items in the vicinity, well as ensure we tidy up afterward. Our services are also guaranteed, which means we will return to address any issues free of charge. However, we do our best to ensure a quality job the first time because we appreciate your support.

As part of our consultation, we can also assist you with choosing the right color, or material for a textured accent wall, for an intriguing focal point that meets your dream. So if you are interested in upgrading your home with an accent wall, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional service.

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