Get Ready for an Interior Paint Job with These Three Steps

Types of Paint Professionals

Interior paint jobs can quickly change the entire ambiance of any home, which is why most homeowners rush into painting projects without giving any time or effort to proper preparation — and the consequences are often a poor-quality end result. Taking the time to properly prepare the surface helps ensure that the project has the…

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Reasons to Paint Your Interior in the Winter

The Perfect Paintbrush

Painting the interior of your home offers the opportunity to update and improve the appearance of your space. The key is finding the right timing to ensure that your Rhode Island home is ready for your plans. Painting the interior of your home in the winter offers advantages that make it a good time to…

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Pro Tips for Painting Your Interior Walls

Professional painter

Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial property owner, or managing an apartment complex, at some point, interior walls will need painting.  Like most everything, time takes a toll and paint is no exception as it’s subjected to dirt, dust, fingerprints, and general wear and tear, daily, that affect the paint’s appearance. When it’s time to roll on a new coat…

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What Are Good Colors for Small Rooms in Rhode Island?

Paint Colors for Small Rooms

Painting the inside of your home can be a huge undertaking, especially when it comes to the smaller rooms of your house. For compact spaces, it’s especially vital to select the right paint color. Common wisdom dictates that light colors produce an expanding effect that makes small spaces seem bigger. However, you can still achieve…

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Color Trends for Rhode Island 2022


To make your home feel new and stylish, you don’t need to do a major renovation or replace most of your furniture. Instead, a quality house painting job can totally refresh the look and feel of a residence. Plus, if you choose trendy colors, you’ll make your house feel fashionable and up-to-date. That way, you’ll…

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