Improve Property Values with Fresh Exterior Paint

How Often Does My Home's Exterior Need Painting

Whether you’re in Newport or East Greenwich, exterior paint can be exactly what you need to improve your property values. When it comes to renovation tactics, paint has a tendency to be overlooked because it’s not quite as seductive as stainless steel appliances or a fashionable rain shower. But these projects are not only expensive, their returns aren’t all that impressive. In contrast, painting is both affordable and effective at increasing your property values. 

The Power of Paint 

When it comes to your property values, you’re somewhat boxed in by the appraiser values. So while you will have a range to work with, it doesn’t make any sense to spend $30,000 on a new bathroom if your estimate is somewhere between $200,000 –$220,000. On the other hand, paint is surprisingly consistent at producing high returns for property owners. For every dollar you put into the project, you’re likely to see that dollar come back in the form of a better sale price — and you may just make money off the project!

Why It Works 

Property owners can forget that buyers often do judge a book by its cover (right or wrong). A building with peeling paint or an unattractive color can instantly make buyers feel that they’re staring at little more than a fixer-upper. Even if the bones of the property are solid, it’s not always easy for a typical buyer to look past the cosmetic issues. And even if you’re not planning to sell, new paint can make your building more attractive to tenants and visitors alike. 

If it’s time to give your building a spruce, there’s no better time to contact the right contractor. A good painter can help you choose a color that will fit in with the rest of the neighborhood without making your property blend in. They can smooth out all the imperfections and give your building a whole new lease on life. Whether you’re in Providence, Wakefield, or Coventry, a new coat of paint can do wonders for the value of your property. 

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